A lot of people say that the journey is better than the destination, when it comes to flying I could not disagree more. I'm not a nervous flyer, I don't particularly hate takeoff or landing, I don't have to drug myself to get onto the plane, it's just hardly a pleasant experience. The seats which make even healthy people ache like they're 90, the air con which sucks any life out of you, there is always a crying baby somewhere (don't start me on the flight where we had 5 hours of a mother singing the wheels on the bus) and the food is horrendous. I'll stop whining now because I'm going away (yay) so I'm currently seeing the bright side on everything. I mean everything. Lol major jokes I'm really really not I am so incredibly bored right now. The one thing worse than flying is flying alone. THERE IS NO ONE TO TALK TO. Apart from you, this empty soulless piece of cyber space - as you can probably tell I'm going a little insane. Anyway to entertain myself I challenged myself to come up with five things I like about flying (I know how disgustingly clichéd but I am so bored I could not care less). 

  1. Free alcohol.  This one is really important. When your impoverished like me anything free goes down a treat. Come on I'm 19 I don't care if the wine tastes like vinegar I'm going to be drinking far worse on this trip (Mum if you're reading chill I won't fall off any walls like my sister did).
  2. People watching.  So many people confined into such a small space it's a nosy persons heaven. From the guy across the aisle to me watching only the beginning 10 minutes of every film to the family of 8 in front whose children are more like animals to the woman who has literally gone to the loo a thousand times - If you're a people watching fan this is prime time.
  3. Endless movies. I am aware that this one is hardly imaginative but Emirates had me sold when I realised they had all the Star Wars movies including the new one. I literally didn't think life could get better until I saw the Disney section. OMG they even had Bugs Life. 
  4. I get to get off this damn flying metal container at the end of this.
  5. The plane has a left phalange. If you don't know what I'm talking about I hate you. Go google it you ignorant fool.
  6. Quality aren't they? 

Published by Rhiannon Osborne - Tonner