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Oh how I've missed my blog... I have not posted anything in about a month and a lot has happened in that month's time.Every week I realized that I neglected my personal blog and this one as well. The truth is, I wasn't really sure what I should write about. I didn't want to write anything about politics, or the election, or the candidates. I don't know enough about politics to write a substantial post on it. I usually post things about events happening in my personal life, but it was so much going on and I just didn't take the time to sit down and write something. 

Kevin and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on October 21st, and it was wonderful. We took a bus up to New York and spent the day there just walking around, taking in the sights. It was his first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I am seeing more and more that there is a season for everything. I'm on social media a lot and I notice how everyone is in their own place in their lives and going through life at their own speed. At the same time some believe that because they're of a certain age they should have certain things. But what you think you should have now may not be what God wants you to have right now, or ever. In all circumstances and situations you have to learn to trust Him and know that He will direct your path. Life doesn't run on our timing, it runs on His. It can be hard to exercise patience when you think you're ready for something you may not necessarily be ready for. I found myself not too long ago comparing my aspirations and dreams to other people around my age, and wondering why I didn't have the success they were having. My mom reminded to me just keep doing what I'm doing and in time I will have what I'm asking for, if God allows. 

Patience used to be hard for me. I would get frustrated very easily when something didn't happen quick enough for my liking or if I didn't get my way. I would say this year I have gotten much better with my patience. I'm learning to not get so irritated or annoyed or frustrated when it takes a little more time than I had hoped. Patience is a virtue. 


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