Albert and Lucy bought a cat and a plant,
A sofa and a lamp to decorate their wonderland.
They spent their Saturdays eating high class flies
On Sundays they listened
To old school jazz.

All the frogs around were envious of them.
Everyone thought their auras blended so well.
Lucy and Albert croaked in tune
And jumped one after another
Like fools in love do.
They even blinked
Their bulging eyes
Better than stars
Could ever try.

But Albert could not stand Lucy’s blue aura
And wanted her to stay yellow forever.
He got annoyed by her croaking and jumping,
Was concerned about the eggs
Laid in a bad moment,
Stopped seeing magic
While holding her hand
In the moonlight.

Lucy got tired of crying
And left the cosy river
And Albert behind
Carrying a cat
And a plum tree
With her.

She loved Albert dearly,
But not as much
As her daring blue aura
She was so proud of
Since she could

They might meet in another life,
Enjoy vanilla and cinnamon sticks.
Make love in a place
Where it’s OK to be blue
And magnificent.

Published by Ieva Kambarovaite