Daring blue-aura Lucy made
Beautiful home for her cat and a plant.
She spent days reading
About Ancient Rome,
Started a blog about
Home décor.

Lucy met a purple aura frog
Who was mad about juicing.
Every Thursday night they spent on a mat
Mastering hot yoga and staying in plank.
Lucy was looking for a distraction,
The purple aura friend
Was all about being fierce
And sexy.

Every now and then
Dreams about Albert crawled back.
The cinnamon flies they used to catch together,
His beautiful bulging eyes
That would stare at Lucy
In wonder.

It seemed that the taste of vanilla
Was gone from her blue wet fingers forever.
But she could still feel the lover’s presence on her skin
And jumped every time the croaking in the distance
Sounded just like Albert did.
Reminded her of the lust and hunger
They shared in the puddle.

She longed so badly for those Sunday mornings
That made everything around her
Feel not so blue and less real.
The days that felt as if she was
In one of the finest
Woody Allen’s
Love scenes.

The moments when you need to sit down
And have a warm cup of camomile,
Because you are blown away
By your reality
Every time
Your lover whispers
“Tu me manques”.

Published by Ieva Kambarovaite