Rumour has it Albert has joined the gym,
Started puddle dating, got himself a dog,
A polka dot sofa and a flat screen TV
To enjoy Netflix with his green
And yellow aura friends.

The truth was Albert thought about Lucy a lot.
No matter how many times he tried to Snap Out Of It
He saw her in strangers and in street names,
Could not forget her smile
And the secrets she used
To share with him
While he kissed her neck
With that sickening and
Alluring love.

One rather fine day when the clouds
Were only wearing see-through tanks,
And the cold hearted lizards were enjoying
The sunlight with no shame,
Albert bumped into
Blue-aura Lucy.

She looked just how he would remember.
Happy and fearless, blue and magnificent.
Albert’s heart skipped a beat with excitement.
The one that strikes you
When you are about to
Visit Paris for the very
First time.

He looked into her eyes,
Those dreamy mesmerising eyes of Lucy.
This time Albert could not see the dread
The huge smile was
Hiding behind.


Lucy and Albert went on a date.
They shared cinnamon flies
Like it did not mean a thing.

Lucy was wearing Albert’s favourite short backless dress.
Albert thought it would be like old times.
Once fingers stopped
Smelling like vanilla
Albert and Lucy were left
With nothing
But glitter.

They jumped together into the river
Hoping the moon would fix
The gloomy and
The bitter.

The truth is
The universe cannot help you
If you refuse to believe
In magic.

Published by Ieva Kambarovaite