It was one of those nights
Where stars could not be intimidated by the clouds,
The moon’s smile covered the roof with frost
Making the ocean
Glitter like a fool.

The frogs had a party with everyone invited.
The guests gathered with auras of all colours.
Red and yellow, white and daring blue,
Purple and green set around
Expecting nothing,
But to forget the struggles
And indulge into
Cinnamon covered bugs.

There was a frog called Albert.
Albert never played with frogs
Carrying auras of red and blue.
Yellow and green
Were his best friends.

But that night was different.

Albert started sharing a plate of mosquitoes
With Lucy, a gleaming blue-aura frog,
And once Albert got to know her
Something magical happened.

Lucy’s aura did not look blue at all.
It reminded the sun and the stars,
That Albert has always
Loved so much.

Albert thought it must have been
The cinnamon that made the blue fade,
But then he looked at Lucy
And smiled. Blue has never
Looked so fine.

Published by Ieva Kambarovaite