Its easy to be a child again

3crossesI remember the day I left home for the first time. Up until then I had been dependent on my parents for everything. I never had to worry about money or a roof over my  head. We did not have much, but we had food on the table every day, a roof over our head and the possibility to take a vacation every year. Leaving home as a young adult was scary, I could no longer depend on them for the things I needed. Now I was supposed to be an adult, well able to take care of myself. But I have to admit, even though I was 20 years old when I left home it felt more like I was 5 years old.

This was 18 years ago, now I am 38 years old and a happily married man. But still I find a part of myself wanting to go back to those days of old, those days when I was dependent on someone stronger then myself to meet my needs. Life is like this sometimes, we find ourself faced with situations that scares us. Situations that are so demanding we wish we could go back to being a child again and having our parents come and fix this for us. But then we realize a sobering thought, we are no longer children. We are responsible adults supposed to care for ourself. Let me ask you an all honest question, do you feel you are capable of handling everything that happens in life? If you are honest I can guarantee your answer is no. You do not feel capable of handling everything that goes on in your life.  On the outside you might look an act like an adult, but on the inside you sometimes have to face that 5 year old child who feels so abandonded and unable to handle this situation. When this happens most of the world turns to some kind of drug to handle the situation. But did you know there is a different solution, a better solution?

The Bible says it is ok to feel like a 5 year old child in a grown man or womans body, totally unable to handle what is happening around you. And sometimes, God will even allow you to end up in a situation you can not handle to make you see you are not supposed to handle it in the first place. And to make you see that if you try to handle it yourself, you are in fact sinning against God. (Rom 14:23)

I do not know if you are a parent, but even if you do not have children I bet you can relate to the following situation because there is always something deep within us all that wants to succeed. How would you feel if your son or daugther doubted your ability to provide for them and protect them? How would you feel if your child struggled each day with anxiety because they always doubted if you where able to meet their needs? I guess you would feel pretty awful and frustrated. As a parent you would want your children to trust you to meet all their needs. You love your children, and you want them to be secure in that love by always trusting you to give them what they need. Not what they want, but what they need.

Do you sometimes doubt God? Do you sometimes doubt if He is able to heal you, provide for you and give you what you need? I did not say what you want, I said what you need.

When life is hard and you need healing or money it can be challenging to trust God. Some of us have lived so long with a struggle it seems like utopia to believe He wants to heal us. It seems like He has forgotten about us. So I understand if it is difficult to trust Him sometimes. I am struggling with this myself, but I have also found a solution and a help to build trust. Because I know He is faithful to give me and you what we need.


Rom 14:23 says that everything which is not of faith is a sin. If it is not done in faith, it is a sin in the eyes of God. So the key is faith, but not the kind of faith we hear a lot about in the church. Biblical faith is just one kind of faith, and that is faith in the cross of Christ. Faith in the death of Jesus on the cross for our sins, faith and trust in the death of Jesus as the only solution to our problems and need. Faith in the cross being enough for your healing, provision and everything we need.

But to have that faith we have first to realize how little we can do of ourself. To have the correct faith, we have to be brought to a place where we can say “your grace is sufficient for me” (2.Chor 12:9) True biblical grace can only come to us through faith in the cross and what Jesus did for us. So we have to come to a place where we can say, I dont need anything if I have the death of Jesus. We have to become children again in our faith, totally dependent on one thing and one thing only, what Jesus did for us at the cross. (Matt 18:3)

Children cant do much, but sometimes they try and fail at it. Sometimes parents have a hard time telling their children they cant do things. Parents struggle convincing their children they need their help. And sometimes they have to step back and allow their children to fail to make them see how much they need an adults help. Children can be stubborn and so can we.

We cant do anything by ourself, and if we try God considers it to be a sin. (Rom 14:23) We cant save ourself, we cant live a sanctified life, and we cant provide for ourself. We need God for everything, we need Him for our salvation, our sanctification and our daily life and living. If He does not give us a job we will be without a job. If He does not give us a spouse we will live single for the rest of our life. And sometimes God struggles with convincing us we cant do it ourself. Sometimes He has to take step back and allow us to fail so we can see how much we need Him. And sometimes we have a hard time admitting we cant do this without Him. This is when it takes time for us to be healed, provided for and have our needs met. God allows this until we humble ourself and say “I only need the cross”. But when come to that place of humbling He will give us everything we need. (Deut 28:1-13)

I understand from personal experience it is difficult to trust God sometimes. But when we struggle with our trust in God it is our own fault. At times like these God has tried to make us see we cant do this on our own, so He takes a step back and allows us to fail. But if we would just stop acting like stubborn children (Matth 18:3) He can begin to answer our prayers and give us what we need. (Gal 2:21)

So how do we become like little children again?

I know your needs are important. They are pressing needs you need to have met right now. But He promises us to meet those needs, to take care of us, if and only if we choose to believe in the cross being enough for us. (Deut 28:1-13)

Are you still struggling with believing His ability and willingness to meet your needs if you become like a child again?

When we struggle with this God tells us to look to the cross. The cross is the greatest display of Gods love and faithfulness for us. We deserve hell, but He chose to give us His own Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for our sins. He loves us so much that He gave us the opportunity to be reconciled to Him through faith in what Jesus did for us.

When and if we find it difficult to believe Gods willingness and ability to meet our needs we are to look to the cross. Then it becomes easy to trust Him to heal you, provide for you and meet your needs in His timing. Then it becomes easy to be a child again in your faith, because then you are truly able to say “I only need one thing, and that is the cross of Jesus Christ”. Then and only then will God give you everything else you need for this life. (Deut 28:1-13, Matth 6:25-34 Rom 8:32)shutterstock_376128934

Published by Apostle Ernie