It can be really hard to stop making excuses for yourself. I remember five years ago, when I was a freshman in college failing out of most of my classes, that "everything will be fine next semester," and "doesn't everyone skip classes some days for Netflix marathons?!" It was all a bunch of malarky, I was depressed and unhappy with my situation in life but unwilling and unable to change my behavior. Eventually I got myself together, took classes I found interest in, and started attending counseling sessions from my campus' Wellness Center. It's been five years and a long struggle but I've been feeling better. No matter how better I'm feeling, though, I still find myself sinking into making excuses sometimes. "It's ok to lay in bed all day, I only have two days off of work," and "I'll make the most of my summer next week." 

When I find myself sinking back into those negative behaviors, it can take a little bit to get back to myself. I'm currently struggling because of a lack of control over my situation right now. Without going into too many details, my life is sort of at the crossroads and all I can really do for the immediate time is wait for something to happen. So, since I have no control over my future currently, I find myself reverting into past bad actions, like laying in bed all day and then getting upset over my lack of productivity. When you're in a sucky situation it's important to admit that you're not in the best place right now and then make a plan to get out of it. One of my major issues this month has been major writer's block, so instead of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, I've pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and am working someplace different to my usual surroundings. Also, I find that I need to give myself some tough love sometimes. While it's important to take time to really feel your emotions, I find that a simple slap upside the head and a internal "get over your pity party and get to work" can be my biggest motivator. It's important that I know my limits and when I need to reach out for help, but for know I need to be my biggest motivating factor. 

That all being said, I think that if you're ever feeling like I'm feeling right now, take time to really self reflect and figure out what's important to you. Then, make a plan to maximize your productivity on what you find important. Lastly, understand your limits and reach out to friends, family, or professionals when you feel yourself slipping. Be your biggest motivator and work towards making yourself happy instead of relying on outside factors for happiness!

Published by Jen Pereira