Hey mobile users, I would like to introduce my special glove.

Really handy when you want to use a phone, texting or making pictures while its cold outside  and you don’t want to take your gloves off

Doing pictures just by using mobile device became very popular nowadays as lenses and applications on the phone became better and easier to use.

Lots o people don’t bother to buy camera when they can easy use just phone. Its is very convenient, as  its always with you, in your pocket or bag. Simple grab it and snap the picture, without thinking about all those settings, buttons etc. After all its easy to connect and share on social media.

Even photographers do pictures using just a phone, as some situations won’t happened again and you not always carry all camera gear around ( yes that dream might come true when gear will be simpler, smaller, lighter and  quality of pictures stays the same).

As images from the phone became popular, there are some contests organized and even you can try to sell images. The quality of pictures don’t  matter so much if you just sharing them online with friends or do small prints.

Of course not  all pictures are the best, and its harder to get very good one just using a phone  but I think the key for good mobile photography is to have good eye for the composition and light as also steady hand (unless you carry little tripod wit you all the time, then you probably have quite big pockets :-)). As we can’t  manipulate aperture and  time of exposure ( well you can buy some lenses you can attach to the phone) you  have to  be in the right spot in the right moment.

Here  as some good tips



Moreover there are lots of applications that you can use to edit the pictures, right on your phone and make them better or more interesting. So why not have fun and play with images.  When I was a kid I even haven’t imagine that technology would be like that. I thought about photography as a quite complicated process, with films and all those things happening on the dark room, but now my kids can do it so easy.

I would like to share here more nice pictures from  my phone ( which is few years old, so not so amazing like new ones). Those images weren’t edit at all.

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Published by Kate Kobryn