Hey everyone! This has been a stressful election and a lot of people have lost friends over which party they chose. Some people have stopped being friends that they have known for years. It's put distances between family. It's just stirred up a lot of hate in this country. 

I'm a gay man with friends in all aspects of life. Black, White, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, Pagan, LGBT, Straight,  Pro Trump, Pro Clinton, Etc.. I love having a wide range of different opinions and beliefs. I was actually very involved this election. I usually don't pay attention to it, but how can you not give this election attention?! I read articles that were pro Trump, articles that were pro Clinton. I read articles about the third party candidates ( Johnson and Stein) trying to figure out who I felt deserved my vote. I don't watch much TV so I didn't watch the debates. 

This election has shown how much hate, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism is actually in this country. More than anyone wanted to believe existed. It was clear that no matter who won this hate monster was going to stay. I was undecided up until the night before November 8th. I decided to abstain from voting because I didn't feel any of these people were worthy of my vote! It is my right to not vote as much as it is to vote. I just couldn't rightfully cast a vote for any of these people. I knew I wouldn't feel good with casting a vote for any of them. After I decided I was not voting my soul became at peace. I knew this was the right decision. Some of my friends didn't agree though and say I coped out with excuses. I respect their opinion on this. 

I'm not a political person at all! I'm an artist that likes to collect weird plants and sit in forests talking to tree's. That's who I am in a basic description. I've never been this involved in politics and I never will be again. It has messed up my energy and caused strain of relationships. It made this loving guy be hateful to people. Made me act untrue to myself. My actions can't be changed and this is unfortunate.  I'm just a nature loving artist that loves putting beauty in the world. Hate isn't beautiful! It doesn't look good on anyone. 

To finish off with my last bit of opinion on the election and my decision. Maybe you don't agree with my decision and maybe you do. Maybe you didn't vote either. I respect your decision either way whether you voted Trump, Clinton, Third Party, or not at all. What matters now is we need to stand together and be strong for the next four years. Lets hope all the progress on equal rights doesn't go down the drain. I included below what I posted on Facebook the night of the election. I wold like to know what other's think on this.



"I was actually going to vote this year. I shared political posts and read articles. I was trying to decide who to vote for. Slowly getting worn down by it and becoming kind of hateful. I'm not a hateful person by nature, but I was to a few people and I'm sorry. Politics just aren't my thing. This is why I don't get involved in this stuff. In the end I decided non of the candidates were worth my vote. I love all my friends whether you voted for Trump, Hillary, Third Party, or you didn't vote at all. I love having diversity in my life. I love having people of different religions and beliefs. Intellectuals, artists, hippies, gypsy's, and all you other beautiful people. If we all believed in the same thing this world would be boring. If me not voting causes you to unfriend me I understand. I still love you though and respect your opinion. Even if I have acted like I haven't to some of you during this election. <3 I love you all near and far. Blessed Be"

Published by Jason Howell