And suddenly, I’m back in my Sherlock fandom.

Backstory time!

For the past three years, for whatever reason, Sherlock and Christmas have gone together for me. I wasn’t into the fandom when it aired, but in December of 2014 I found some of its clips on YouTube, and I was obsessed. All through the Christmas season, I was scrambling to find more clips, and that was all I could think about. But, some fandom or another took its place, and I stopped feeling the spark for it until November of 2015, when it was on Netflix and I decided to just watch it.

And my goodness, LOTR has been the only other fandom to hit me so hard, and I was so immersed that again, up until about Ferbruary of 2016, I was watching that show on a daily basis. Not because I was still working through it at that point though, oh, no no no. There were nine episodes, and so I finished watching it in nine days, but what an amazing nine days it was. I, like every other Sherlockian, am peeved that each season only has three episodes, and that I have to wait two years for every new season to come out, but I do have to admit that a 90-minute episode is as long as some movies, and it does pack quite a lot.

So yeah, there was enough material where I could cut out the *ahem* offensive bits (you know, gay references, nudity, and that awful drinking escapade in The Sign of Three), and still find enough things that made me cry, that made my heart race, and that made my feels go balistic. It helped that The Abominable Bride came out at that time, too. Sherlock Having Fun.png

And then I discovered Disney Channel, and I totally let Sherlock fall. But for whatever reason I was reminded of it again a couple of days ago, and I am back to watching it on a daily basis, wondering how I ever thought Disney Channel could compete. (Just kidding. I’m not over Disney Channel just yet, and anyway, all it will take is a new amazing show to win me back.) And just in time too, because it’s coming back, oh, yes, it’s coming back, and while maybe it’s a good thing that the whole season will be out almost by this time next month, I live in fear that it won’t be enough, and I’ll be craving more, especially since this is rumored to be the last season. Or worse–what if I hate this season???

I don’t know why I’m devoting a whole post to this. It’s just that my fandoms never die, they only become dormant until I re-discover them, and this particular fandom grips me so hard that my every thought is about it, and if I’m not watching it I have to write about it.

I only wish there were not so many offensive bits. If they just left all the gore and danger in, it could still be a mature show, and they wouldn’t need excessive language, full-on nude scenes, a gay reference every two minutes, or 20 minutes of drunken footage to make it that way. If it were not so vile, it could easily be the greatest show to have ever existed.

Now, I think I’ve refrained from watching Sherlock long enough. Excuse me while I go watch the first episode again. But I’ll be back on this topic. I’ll be back.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.png

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