As Maroon 5 said...


Life isn't straight forward. Life isn't easy. Life isn't fair. 

I guess I've metaphorically run away from my blogging life. I guess I haven't wanted to share my life with anyone let alone the world wide web. This article is going to be brutally honest, it isn't going to be sugar coated. It isn't going to display glossy images of smiling face because you know quite honestly I feel like a fraud if I was to pretend that life was all fine and dandy.

You know what? Behind closed doors there are a lot of secrets. You just wouldn't know because people (like myself) just decide to post the picture worthy moments of life. 

My instagram documents the moments of my life that I want the world to see. I want people to see dreamy adventures with the boyfriend and far flung holiday destinations. I wanted my life to be picture perfect. My life is so far from being perfect. 

Something that struck a cord with me was when my friend just randomly blurted out how perfect my life looks. Please, don't get me wrong. I am one lucky girl and have so many wonderful opportunities but behind closed doors I can tell you now that there are cracks. A lot of cracks. Everyone has problems. Everyone has something they are dealing with that you just could not imagine. You know what? the last two weeks have been an absolute emotional rollercoaster. 

Life is just one big long test if feels like. I have been rock bottom this last fortnight. I have cried and cried. I have felt literally broken. Other times I've felt on top of the world and wanted to just pause that moment in time forever. When I stop and think whether I'm ok or not... I'm really not sure? I'm not sure how I feel or how I'm coping with it all. I just don't know. 

So just know this. 

If you are going through a rough patch.

hold on. 

Don't be fooled by people's social media. Half the time it is nowhere near to the truth. 



Published by Charlotte Wilkinson