Humans are often very judgmental. If one does not fall in the pattern, he might end up isolated or bullied. As a child, it makes him think it’s wrong to be different, to stand out. I am here to contradict this myth.

I am here to tell that indeed, it is alright to be different. It’s more than ok, it’s perfect! Uniqueness should not be something we look down upon.

Nothing is wrong with you. Stop trying to fix yourself! No one can mend something which isn’t broken in the first place.

You should be proud of who and how you are. In this world which lacks originality, you are life a fresh breath of air.

I am weird, too, in my own way. My hairstyle is boyish and my lipsticks are always in crazy colours such as black, blue, and green. People regard me in a strange way. When I was a little girl I felt embarrassed to be different and I was trying with all my might to not have anything distinctive. But I’ve grown up and I understood that I don’t need anyone’s permission to be myself. People will comment about you no matter what.

Don’t be afraid to let your inner self free, to be creative, expressive, to be yourself!

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Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

Published by Rebecca Radd