Bit by bit you let me go

Piece by piece my weak heart broke

And i am feeling lonely tonight.


Day by day you cracked my heart

I held it together but I'm falling apart

and i am dying inside tonight.


I'm looking out the window

while you stare at the wall

I think it's worth saving

You think it's worth nothing at all.


It's over, we're through

There's nothing left that i can do

It's over, we tried

This will be the last time you see me cry


Teardrops falling down

i wish you could've stuck around

I'd give anything to make this work

But it's all for nothing, just my luck!


So bit by bit I'll let you go

Piece by piece I'll heal my soul

And i will get to sleep tonight

Day by day I'll mend my heart

Til losing you no longer tears me apart

And i will start to feel alright.


Now i'm looking out the window

While you're staring at the wall

YOu think maybe it's worth having

I think it's nothing at all.


It's over, we're done

I really hope you're having fun

It's over, we're through

I swear i thought i'd always love you.


You're world is falling down

Remembering when i was around

I gave everything to make it work

Now i've moved on and i wish you luck.


And you, you're feeling alone tonight

yeah you are dying inside, right?


Published by Debz Dreamz