Disclaimer: This post is not a happy one, so please refrain from reading if you don’t want to know/talk/hear about death. 

It’s such a curse for being an animal in this Man’s world, right?! Today I witnessed it first hand. This post is dedicated to him, whom I didn’t know except for what I saw.

This was my first. And I cried like a baby talking to Jen, animal rights activist when I saw it for myself. Today is the day, 12:00PM is the time. I will never forget it ever in my life.

I was on my way to the office, happily listening to some song when the cab driver gave me the news and we had just started climbing the flyover. There are rules on the flyover that no one can stop and it all happened in few minutes.

Time zipped like a wind, and I reached the other side of the road.

Called Jen to report and she asked me to rush to the spot.

I reached the spot and confirmed that he was no more. He was already dead I think when the damned vehicle hit him.

There he was, lying dead with blood from his nose and mouth. There he was, a helpless monkey with no one to claim, no one to rescue his soul. Thankfully, his body was dragged and placed on a grass-bed under a shade. Poor guy.

Thankfully he is free from this cruel world; he is happily crossing over the bridge into the safe haven, that’s the consoling words I got from Jen. She’s right, there’s no humanity left in this world. Selfish humans and their antics that’s all. Anyone with a heart will know the pain that I’m going through. Life’s value has reduced because of us humans. What a shame!

Now, thinking back, I wonder what this monkey was doing on this road, have travelled on this peripheral road for more than 10 years and never spotted a monkey here. Was it destined for this fate on this day? So many questions and there’s only one answer. Death has taken him away. A death he didn’t deserve.

Death is such a thing that can cast its spell on anyone anytime.

Animal Rescuer Nikhil confirmed and informed me that he will give this poor baby a burial. At least that much he deserves right.

May his soul rest in peace.

Published by Su Srikanth