Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would have you believe that they are establishment outsiders. Well you could make an argument that both have their hands in progressive realms like health care, women's rights and immigration, but does that really mean they are outsiders? Outside of what I would like to know?

Its not like the issues they champion are sideline issues that no one is looking at. Women's rights have been a hot button issue since the days of burning bras and even before that. Immigration the last time I saw was just as much an issue in 1916 as it is in 2016. And health care, why that’s as mainstream as The New Deal and workers rights. These are not non-established issues, so how can anyone argue that those who fight for those issues are not part of the establishment?

Calling Planned Parenthood a side line cause is like calling the UAW a grassroots effort. They are as ingrained in America at this point as Baseball and Apple Pie. So why this push to make them sound alternative and new. Just cause the Government does a bad job at servicing these issues, doesn't mean they are not mainstream well-established issues.


I'm not going to lie, I like Bernie better than Hillary. Why you ask? It’s not because he is a government outsider looking to fight his way in from the outside. He has been in Washington as long as I can remember. He is as established as a politician as the next legislator. They've all been there way too long and forgotten why we sent them there. I like Bernie not because he is a stranger to Washington Politics, but because he knows Washington politics all too well and is willing to call a spade a spade. The emperor has no clothes and Bernie is willing to say it.

Hillary wants us to believe she remembers what its like to be without a job, without health care, without hope of digging out of this economic rut of middle America and without hope. She doesn't and can't as far as I am concerned. She has been in the Washington grind since Nixon, played the game from the highest seat in the land as a First Lady and wielded the American sword of power as Secretary of State. The reason we are so screwed up as a country is not in spite of her, it is because of her. If she wanted to get every man, woman and child health care, why didn't she keep fighting when her first go round went south? If she wanted to make the Middle East into a peaceful land of happiness, why didn't she? If she wanted to champion the rights of women, why didn't she when she was the most powerful woman in America?

Don't feed me this crap that "it's hard" and "nobody played with me nicely". It was hard to beat the Nazis but FDR did it. It was hard to hold the North and South together in the Civil war, but Lincoln did it. And it was hard to beat back the British in the Revolution, but Washington did it. They did it because they were leaders who commanded a following and they didn't let the excuse that "it's hard" stop them. They didn't quit and they pushed on to success on all accounts despite how hard it was.

Now Hillary wants us to believe that even though she has had more than three strikes to knock it out of the park that she is now ready to show us what she really can do. Really? You expect me to believe that.

Bernie while he is part of the establishment is at least saying what needs to be said. Its broken, its gone off the rails and we need to fix it. Can he fix it? I don't know. But at least he can enunciate the problem which as any 12-stepper will tell you is the first step. Hillary wants to hold on to what we've got and stay the course. Bernie wants to shake the ground and rattle the windows with a new American Political Revolution. Maybe when the plaster starts to crack the people, as apathetic as ever, will herald the call and get to work to fix out Nation the only way it can be fixed, by getting off our dead asses and standing up for what is right.

If Planned Parenthood and their ilk think they have the ticket to fix their perspectives on America, then God bless. But this whining about who is establishment and who isn't is the same kind of finger pointing that is going on in Congress, it keeps the donor dollars flowing in but gets little done. Last I saw no one was waiting for the doors to close on the non-profits of the Establishment. They still get as much money as ever, whether they endorse Hillary or Bernie or Donald or whomever. The only good outcome for any non-profit is to close its doors because they no longer have a problem to fix. Planned Parent no more wants the women of this world to be saved than does The Red Cross wants Natural disasters to stop. They need the problems to keep going to keep getting a paycheck.And that makes them as establishment as it gets.

Bernie, you lost this argument. You are establishment and so is Hillary. Just as the Republicans including the Donald are as establishment as the day is long. If you have been on the scene for more than 30 years, make no mistake, you are established and by definition you are part of what is wrong with America- You are the old, fat and lazy establishment. New ideas fighting for the light of day, that is NON-establishment and those are the voices we will need to fix this Great Nation and put it on a course for success again. So if Planned Parenthood doesn't like you because you're not close enough to the inner circle Bernie, consider yourself blessed and keep fighting the good fight. I will be by your side and bring all the friends I can find.


Published by Christopher Richard