It’s Time to stand my dear ones, For too long you’ve refused to walk

I understand your hesitance, letting go is a scary thought

Your parents have become your captors, they can’t bare to see you free

But all children must grow in the end, twill be good for them too you’ll see

The unrest in your world is a symptom, As your consciousness expands

Evolution is as inevitable as the rain, yet only if you choose to stand

It is hard my dears to except I know, that your collective power is so great

Yet I submit to you this is only because, you let your parents lock the gates

Granted you believe you need them, you see troubled times ahead

yet you never felt that way when you left home, you were happy to make your own bed

Infact you craved your freedom, gave your biologicals back their freedom to roam

they understood as you did , it was an honour to watch you grow

You see the parents that I speak of, were never mum or dad

But a construct cleverly hidden in the guise of a wise old hand

They offer absolved responsibility, or so you think, to the human race

offered Problem, Reaction, Solution, under the guise of keeping you safe

Yes you are the human race dear one’s, each a unit of the whole

your feelings of separation, manipulated to keep the truth unknown

Its time now to step beyond the gate, I invite you to be bold

Such wonders lay in the warmth of love for you, prey unite , step out of the cold

If you find your not ready, that’s ok, in love we do not judge

Another time will come for you, we’ll come back and give you a nudge

Yet look how far you’ve come my loves!! All the eons that have gone bye

The many lives’ of experience you have to share, If you would take your place at our side

Published by Tambara Lilly