Last night's victory was a confirmation of something many of us already knew, The Revolution is REAL after all. The shellacking that Hillary took, the continued confusion that rides on the Republican Party Bus, and Bernie from Burlington screaming up the charts all points to one thing, the American people, namely the youth of America, are "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore".

That prompted several conversations last night as we watched the polls come in about what Bernie needs to do to win over the Hillary Grandmothers and how he can better speak to the senior vote. Its true he is a champion of Medicaid for All and Lower Prescription prices, but for some reason, the senior vote does not trust him in all this ballyhoo about changing America. They seem to think he might affect their social security adversely and they have all been told that their checks are going to be cut next year, whomever the new president may be. And then add in the delusion that Hillary has a monopoly on world politics and then the fact that Russia, North Korea and China all scare the bejesus out cold war veterans like the Grandparents. And there you go, a Senior electorate who has adopted a Grandmother as their spokesperson, even if she is morally questionable, on the dole from Corporate Interest and quite frankly has been a Washington insider for more than 40 years and is not the savior of this rigged American system, but in many ways the author of it. 

And since we started talking about the security of the seniors, it begged another question as Bernie fought off a dry hacking cough in his victory speech. The Presidency is known to age a man, dramatically. Look at Black-Haired Bill Clinton, who while having a sweet little time with the honeys in the Oval office, managed to lose every black hair he had and gain a mane of grey. Obama, who looked like an athletic ball player at the DNC one year, soon became the silver fox and has morphed into a senior statesman from a wirey forward. They aged dramatically in the Whitehouse and you can't blame it on the stress of the job, because even non-thinkers like W who was the real embodiment of Alfred E Newman with his catch phrase, "What Me Worry?" turned full grey and looked more like his Dad or more to the point his Mom, when he left office. 

With the recent history of presidential aging, you gotta worry about someone who has already rounded the bend on life. He is old, but he is also wise, down to earth and the best hope for America. But he's old and how can we guarantee he will make it to 78, after the pounding he is taking on the Campaign trail? What is going to happen to him when he gets in the office?

I'm not suggesting for a second that we go with Hillary or the Republicans, Bernie is the founder of the New American Revolution, and he needs to win. But his interest in saving us, means we will likely lose him and I don't want that to be the undoing of the progress we have made in this Revolution so far. 

As the architect of the New Revolution, Bernie can do one thing that may be unusual for American Campaigns, but needs to be done just as much. Unusual sure, but then again, what is normal about this one? Bernie needs to pick a running mate now. 

There are a couple reasons other than the age question to make this break with custom. The Revolution is going to have to be a team effort any way you look at it. Hillary's biggest criticism is he hasn't laid a plan out on how he is going to get the ambitious things we need done. A running mate could deflect that criticism and be the first rock in the foundation of what is to come when we clean out congress. And another thing, a running mate can give him the international chops he lacks with the senior vote. I don't think he is weak on foreign affairs, he nailed it with the North Korean missile on Saturday, but the seniors are convinced Hillary can save us from the big bad Russians in a way that Bernie can't, as if the US Military and Joint Chiefs are gonna walk off the job when Bernie takes office. Not gonna happen and I think Bernie has a much better take on world politics by the very virtue that he is a Human, which I dont think you can say of many of the candidates who are running right now as corporate lap dogs. 

Bernie needs a second in the dual to the death. And I think I have the perfect person for the job. Say it with me, Vice President Elizabeth Warren. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Well I don't need to tell you why she is the best woman for the job, but I should point out another perk that will come if Bernie picks her as a second in this campaign, and she accepts. It will officially shut up Madeline Albright, and Gloria Steinem and all the other "Feminists" who are willing to pin our hopes to an X chromosome. 

I'm sorry I have a "Y". And I am sorry Bernie is a man too. We have apologized for being men ever since the days of fish riding bicyles, but it doesn't seem to make any headway with the Man Haters. He will never make Gloria happy about Men, she hates us all. But she will have a little less ammunition to indict young women for being blind followers of Men if Elizabeth Warren stands up and does the right thing for America by joining "The Bern". She walks like a "Berner", She talks like a "Berner" and hey she even thinks like a "Berner" so what is this delay in throwing her voice behind Bernie, especially now that he trounced Hillary in New Hampshire and is setting up to run the table on Super Tuesday? Bernie is all about equal pay for equal work, but he will never sit to pee, so he needs a woman to back him up on the Campaign trail if for no other reason than to shut up the women who are as sexist as the day is long. 

But in Elizabeth Warren, we will get a two for one because not only is she a woman, Hillary Clinton cant even hold her coat when is comes to being a champion for the Middle Class. She is the Godzilla of Progressives and the best champion for the common HU-man ever. I would say she even beats Bernie on a few things. America's newest Revolution is started, now we need the Mauler from Massachusetts to come in and take up Sanders flank in a big way. Ms. Warren, won't you please come down to the stage and say a few words? We'd love to hear from you. 





Published by Christopher Richard