There are many who may read my blogs and complain that all I talk about is being “happy”, “happiness”, and “joy”.  There are many who are unhappy and are sure that the “happiness” gene eluded them.  That is not me.

Self love is what I am all about, and I have a platform from which I got to this point.  Self love can be thought of as self esteem.  And I truly believe most concerns in anyone’s life stems from a lack of love.  Simplistic?  Yes, and no.  Without spending a lot of time on our origins, let me share that a newborn comes into the world with their self love, their self esteem, pretty much in tact.  But then, in a split second, they are no longer totally cared for.  With luck, they are loved; but, how long that love from others stays in full bloom differs with each new human being.  

And here I am going to depart for a moment.  Not every infant in utero is loved.  I have a very personal connection to an infant who arrived  with no prenatal care and an alcoholic birth parent.  That is not love.  It may have been fear.  It may have been a lack of love in the birth parent’s life.  This is not judgment; it is a fact.  This child faced many obstacles throughout their life even with an abundant amount of love from all who were involved in this life after birth.  And I am also going to share my own personal in utero experience:  my conception created a time of total turmoil and fear for my birth mother.  I did not know this as a child, but I have spent years in gathering not only the personal information but also the scientific and spiritual information surrounding my birth.  Without knowing why, I have struggled with self esteem issues all of my life.  It is my platform to help myself and others be happy, to be loved.  This is the basis of all of life.  It is a basic essential need.  

So, allow me to continue my “happy” journey.  This became my journey.  American author Robert Collier shared that we should “Visualize this thing that you want; see it, feel it, believe in it.  Make it your mental blueprint and begin to build.”  Happiness is what I want, and happiness is what I want to share with all who cross my path.  So allow me this journey.

So, yes, it is Tuesday, and I invite you to join my “happy” journey.  There is plenty of room for all, and I would love to have you there

Published by Janice Marie