Lately the Lord has been reminding me why I launched this ministry in the first place. There are two reasons to why I launched it, first of all because I have a deep passion to see people set free from bondage by the power of the blood of Jesus physically, spiritually, emotionally in every way. The second reasons is the one I mentioned yesterday. I know how it feels to have almost no money and be desperate for a word from God, but unable to get a word from God because every prophetic ministry I managed to google charged money. As I mentioned yesterday, it is not wrong to be financially supported by those you minister the gospel to. It is in fact very biblical, you are supposed to support the ministry that feeds you. But I know from experience that sometimes you do not have the money. You would like to support, but you just cant because you need that money for food, gas, bills. So as I said yesterday, I want this ministry to offer everything free of charge. Free prayer, free prophecy, free counseling, free online schools on evangelism and how to talk to God, and free online schools for new christians. The gospel is free, it does not cost anything, so everybody should be able to get a word from God, good biblical teachings, prayer and counseling sessions without having to pay for it.

So that will never change, of course, sometimes I honestly do not know how long I will be able to keep the ministry open online because the bills keeps adding up, bills I am paying out of my own pocket. But if I am able to help just one more soul, if I am able to pray for, prophecy to or guide just one more soul, it makes it all worth it. Because there is no greater joy then to see somebody set free by the power of the blood of Jesus. And I know the blood of Jesus is enough to meet all my personal needs, and the needs of my ministry, but it is a faith war sometimes.

So this is what I felt led to preach on today, because I know from experience how we who are called to ministry offices in the church world sometimes comes of being almost superhuman. We carry titles such as apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist. And yes, the Lord Jesus Himself has called us to these offices, I remember when He called me to be an apostle I did not know what a modern day apostle was. I googled it, but came up with almost nothing. But through His grace He has learned me and shown me what an apostle is. But we apostles make that mistake that we sometimes come of as being a superhuman. We are just ordinary men and women who make mistakes, who cant live without the grace of God, and are called by the Lord Jesus to the office of an apostle. But I think that our calling as apostles has the potential to minister to our brothers and sisters by the testimony of our life. So I believe we apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors need to be more honest with what is happening in our lifes. We need to show more that we have no perfect lives, we are faced with the same challenges, tests and trials as the next one in the world today. BUT we get to share how we overcome those challenges, and do not give up, and by us sharing this we get to minister to the people around us that will be helped by it.

It carries with it so much more weight when somebody you know has been through fire tells you how they overcame the fire, then the one who has never been burned by life, but tries to explain to you the way out of the burning furnace.

Most of you who follow my teachings know my story on how my wife and I sinned some years ago financially. We overspent our money and ended up with a mountain of financial debt. For years we fought to keep our house and avoid foreclosure. We prayed to keep it, and the Lord was gracious enough to let us keep it while He was doing a work in us. At the time the idea of loosing our house to foreclosure seemed like the worst nightmare. But during the last two years the Lord changed us, and suddenly one day, we both realized the idea of selling our house was not that bad after all. So things started happening and suddenly we found the perfect apartment at a reasonable rent and we made the move.

The move of course was very expensive. But we knew we had to, so we did it in faith, believing God to meet that need as well. We where blessed with a moving company that did not charge us right away but was willing to wait until the house was sold. Time went by very fast suddenly and when we had started settling into our new apartment it felt like a huge burden had been lifted from our shoulders because we where no longer living in the house. We still owe the house, its still ours but we are not living there anymore.

We where blessed with a good apartment at a reasonable price, but we needed to sell our house quickly to avoid paying the mortgage. Having our wages garnished it does not leave much every month for rent, and it certainly does not leave anything for rent and the mortgage. So we contacted two different real estate agents who refused to sell our house because of the financial debt attached to it. We did not mortgage the house in any way except for the house mortgage. But as time went by and debt kept piling up, our creditors secured their claim in the house.

We have payed the rent for this month, we did that back in the middle of June. And we had planned to pay the rent for next month yesterday, so we had asked for an advance on our wages from August. What happened was something we did not expect, the amount we asked for was just below the monthly installment on the house mortgage. So we knew that there was no reason for that money to be taken by the bank and used to pay the monthly installment. But then my brother in law who is away on vacation right now asked us to pick up a package for him at the post office. The package was registered mail, so we would have to pay a small fee for it. To pay for the fee he wired the money we needed, and all of this happened at the same day, so both amounts was deposited to our account at once and the total sum of the money suddenly became big enough to cover the monthly installment on the mortgage. What happened next was what usually happens in our day and age, the computer at the bank discovered we had money and suddenly without warning, helped himself and ran away with the money we where supposed to use for next months rent.

So we have made the monthly installment on a house we do not live in any more, but we are without rent money for next month for the apartment we do live in.

This was totally, 100% unexpected for us, and it really threw us for a loop yesterday. At first I panicked, I knew the rent is not due yet, but I also know that with our wages being garnished we will not get any more advances until next month. But then I remembered something, I remembered the blood is enough.

I remembered that the Lord is not up in heaven going “oh! myself! I did not know that would happen to Apostle and his wife. How am I going to solve this?”. Before I was born, the Lord knew this would happen and He has already got a plan to get us out of it, and the plan is the blood of Jesus.

While I am writing this I can feel the presence of God, because I know this really frustrates the devil. He had his heart set on wrecking havoc in our lives and causing depression, anxiety and worry. But he failed at that, and God has turned this around so that what the devil intended for harm has become a blessing because it has ended up making my faith stronger.

Today, it is Wednesday morning the day after we suddenly found ourself without money for rent. The circumstances has not changed, but as I am writing this I feel like the wealthiest man alive. I feel rich and wealthy, I do not have a lot of money, I have the same amount on our bank account as I did yesterday, but I have the blood and the blood of Jesus is enough.

Because I know that in the blood of Jesus I am wealthy, rich and all my bills are payed. Because of the blood of Jesus I have enough money to leave my current job and use my real name when I am ministering online and working with my ministry. Because of the blood of Jesus, the rent for next month is payed, and our house is sold to a wonderful price. Because of the blood of Jesus, I am debt free and the sale of the house shocked everybody because it was sold so quickly to a person who gave way more then what we asked for. Because of the blood of jesus, I have a new car with windows that do open and doors we can lock, a car that does not constantly leak oil. Because of the blood of jesus, all my ministry expenses are payed and I have enough money to go even bigger with the ads for the ministry so that more people get to hear the gospel and take advantage of what I am offering to the world free of charge. Because of the blood of jesus I am the wealthiest richest man alive today, and because of the blood of Jesus the devil can not touch me and my house.

The blood of Jesus is enough.

No I am not denying reality, and I am not into grab it and blab it or name it and claim it. All of that is unscriptural anyway, but what I am doing is that I am claiming my inheritance. I am reminding the world, the flesh and the devil that the blood IS enough.

So as you might see dear reader I do not have a perfect life. I am called to the office of an apostle, but I still have to face lives challenges. And when these challenges are over and done with, I guess there will be new challenges to face. Thats life, that is a part of being human. Even the disciples of Jesus had to face lives challenges. So I do not know what you are facing right now. I do not know what is causing you sleepless nights, anxiety, depression and worry. But what I do know is this, the blood of Jesus is enough.

The blood of Jesus is your inheritance, but it is waiting for you to claim it. It does not happen by itself.

It is like inheriting a lot of money, if you do not come forth and claim your inheritance, you will never see that money. It can be sitting there in the lawyers office for years, but if you dont step up and claim it, nobody will get that money.

You have to be bold enough to go to the lawyer and claim it as your inheritance.

What ever you need today is yours for the taking, through the blood of Jesus. It is your inheritance. But it does not come to you without you claiming it. You have to choose to be bold enough to stop claiming your problems and begin to claim your inheritance in the blood of Jesus.

Stop claiming “I am poor, I am sick, I dont have any hope, I dont have any future, I dont know what to do”. I am not asking you to deny reality, I am asking you to stop claiming reality. Because each time you open your mouth and you claim your problems, you are staking a claim on that reality and the devil has no problem with accepting your claim. He wants you to stake your claim on poverty,sickness, hopelesness and depression. So he will do anything he can to get you to stake your claim on the curses of God, either by what you say or what you do. If he cant trick you into claiming it by what you say, he can trick you into thoughts like “if I only fast for four days i will get my breakthrough”. No you will not get your breakthrough, you will loose weight and be very hungry, but you will not get your breakthrough. Instead you will be cursed by God, you will stake your claim on the curses of God, the devil will rejoice and you will loose because you have fallen from grace and you are living under law again.

Change what you claim and decide to claim the blood of Jesus for every need you have. Make the devil mad and frustrated, because he knows the blood of Jesus is something he cant touch, so those who are covered by the blood can not be touched by him. And watch, watch what God will do. Because God always answers and backs up claims on the blood of Jesus, claims on our inheritance.

So begin today to claim your healing, your wealth, your money, your future, your spouse, your children, your job, your car, your holiday. They are ALL payed by the blood of Jesus and they are your inheritance.

I hope you will continue to take advantage of what I am offering you free of charge. I believe the church world needs a ministry that can offer the gospel free of charge in every way, not just for salvation but for life and living as well. God bless you dear reader, and thank you for taking the time to read this. And to those of you who feel called to support this ministry with your prayers I thank you. I need your prayers, after launching the online schools I have felt an increase in attack, but with the blood of Jesus every attack has failed and the devil has increased blood pressure because the blood frustrates him since he cant do anything.

Published by Apostle Ernie