Organizers of the now-scrapped Fyre Festival — a promised “luxury” music festival in the Bahamas that left guests who paid tens of thousands of dollars scrambling immediately to find flights home — have been hit with a $100 million lawsuit alleging the whole enterprise was a “get-rich-quick scam” from the beginning.

Attorney Mark Geragos filed the $100 million proposed class-action lawsuit in California Sunday on behalf of client and festival attendee Daniel Jung, Billboard reports.

The claim alleges that Fyre organizers — namely, the rapper Ja Rule and 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland — attempted to “fleece attendees for hundreds of millions of dollars by inducing them to fly to a remote island without food, shelter or water—and without regard to what might happen to them after that.”

Ticket buyers — some of whom spent up to a reported $200,000 on the most luxurious festival accommodations — arrived at the Island of Exumas on Thursday to find a festival site in disarray, with unfinished infrastructure and stages, disaster relief tents in place of luxury villas, and “gourmet” bread and cheese sandwiches in a cafeteria organizers had promised would be staffed by a celebrity chef.

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Published by Naomi S. Gobern