When you have a goal in life, then you know what direction life is taking you. This rule applies not only in life but also in business. Anyone successful in business adheres to these rules to deal with the problems we face as easily as possible. So it was with Jason Brown, a young but already very successful co-owner of IV Bars. This able and knowledgeable entrepreneur has also become a top trader. His company focuses on projects to help people improve their health, mindset and financial status.


Who Is Jason Brown?


Jason Brown gives people a chance to feel better, to work better and be better day by day.

He is not another businessman in a row that is focused only on profit. In reality, Jason considers himself as an advisor, mentor and helper rather than a “businessman”.  He desires to serve people in a way that delivers visible results, and those results are not measured by money. They are measured by the number of benefits that will change people's perspectives. His ultimate goal is market-changing quality. This modest 29-year old doesn't like to talk about himself. He comes from a small town in New Jersey. His family wasn't rich or had an entrepreneurial background. He never attended business schools, but somehow he ended up in the world of entrepreneurs.

He was a part of several massive behind-the-scenes constructions and consulting of eight and nine-figure companies. For Jason, it was just fun... at first. He went to college and got his Degree in Communications. Afterwards, he segued into the nightlife space. He built a nightclub out of a restaurant that he ran in Atlantic City and turned it into the number one place to be. That was pretty much his life before entrepreneurship. The crucial year was 2013. It was the time when he made some radical life changes and made a business transition.

For the last six years, Jason Brown was working in traditional business - direct sales and consulting.


Give it before you take


In today's way of doing business, most entrepreneurs are wondering what they could get. Few people are wondering what they can offer customers who are consumers of their products. In a market that offers countless opportunities, customers focus on products that bring validity to their lives. That's why responsible entrepreneurs like Jason Brown are wondering what they can offer to their customers. When you provide reliability, you will have more space for future business improvement. Sometimes this is the detail that will set you apart from the competition. It could be just a little thing. Sometimes an additional service is enough to change the way your customers use a product. No matter the product or implementation, you need to give people the true value.

This way you will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Let's go once again to the beginning and the rules... This is a rule that Jason Brown adheres to in his business orientation. Of course, the result cannot be missing. Today, his products offer large opportunities for a better quality of life of users.


World Contribution


When Jason started his project, he was thinking of how it will contribute to a world which is full of companies who're thriving in almost every vertical. So how to do it then? His company have managed. IV Bars company is focused on hydration, IV nutrition, and stem cell therapy. We're already familiar with the fact that many people suffer from dehydration or consistent fatigue. The difference was made when the company suggested the proper usage of sodium chloride with vitamins and minerals pointed right into the bloodstream. That can fairly change the way those people feel. This is a powerful example of an implementation that is united with high-quality products. And this certainly makes a difference.


Listening To What Customers Have To Say


Listening to your customers' voice is one of the key secrets of successful entrepreneurs. Jason Brown acknowledged that people have things they care deeply about. Mostly it is their health, finances, or both. Customers want companies to understand their expectations. Jason Brown believes that some actions must be undertaken to fulfil your customers' needs. Therefore, Jason was not afraid to experiment. He was looking for solutions that work best for his customers. As a result, he found out a few that can be used in a simple manner

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