Zee Tv New Show "Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey " is touted to be a remake of Beauty and also the Beast with a fictional twist to mould it into a musical and romantic story with a lot of depth. It stars Krip Suri and Yesha Rughani in lead roles. The show started air on twenty first August at seven pm slot. The characters and story square measure written in an exceedingly smart flow.The story revolves around Devi and Adhiraj. He marries Devi forcibly and so cages her to create her life hell. Devi and Adhiraj get into a fight to win. Devi doesn’t hand over on her wedding and desires to create Adhiraj a decent husband. Adhiraj shortly becomes her love, life and world

Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey Full Episode Main Characters:
Devi Chauhan: 
Devi may be a easy, sweet and tight woman. She ne'er provides informed something. She has a lot of bravery. She continuously finishes the task she takes existing. She ne'er loses to anyone. She is powerful willed and is aware of to jot down her own destiny. she will do something for her family. She is far emotional and soft hearted. She has several dreams regarding her life, wedding and future. She takes Adhiraj’s challenge and is certain to alter him. She needs the enmity between each families to finish. She eventually falls crazy with Adhiraj. She gets to examine his lovely heart, hidden by his beast like behavior.
Adhiraj Rajawat:
Adhiraj is a rude, crazy, heartless and mannerless quite guy. he's terribly stubborn and thinks he will do something. He needs all his needs to show true. he's illiterate and determined for all negative things. He hides a lot of pain among and gets frustration out on folks around him. He has learnt a lot of from life. He doesn’t feel any emotions for anyone. he's not a completely someone.
Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey Cast:
Krip Kapur Suri Playing the role as Adhiraj Rajawat
Yesha Rughani Playing the role as Devi Chauhan 

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