Hoots Bar 11pm

“ what do you want to drink? “ He asking while i am put down my  bag and coat.

“ i had few wine already with you guys, so actualy i need just a light beer thats fine. “ i answered casualy while my heart is tubthumping now. I can’t imagine i am actually here sitting in the bar with him.

He is back with two beers in hand and wide smile.  After that everything is really smooth. Is it because how charming he is or is just that we open up to each other fast enough because we had interest on each other. I soon realized that He is actualy from other country, thats why he gets a really deep accent when he speaks. He is living here just few months and he started to make his own Blog big enough so he can be the next “ HIP man “ in town in fashion food and design Industry. He is living not too far from my place. Just 45 minutes walk or 15 minutes with bike. He financialy himself from few freelance job on the local paper here and advertising on his blog. He also open up how the social media really help him finding endorsement here and there and make his life nice every time. He said he is been invited almost 5 dining invitation daily from restaurants that want to be covered. So he never worried about food. He also tell that his parents are still living in his home country and running a small farm. I wondered how a small farm means. Because all i know a farm means you have big land property eventhou its a small business.

“ So how about you Jenna? You have been let me talk 30 minutes non stop about myself. Now i wanna know about the interesting life of Jenna. “ He sips his beer and start to take listening position.

I dont know where to start actualy. My life is not so good. My head keep thinking should i open my life to this man or just give him a good part of it .

“ Well, as you know, my name is Jenna. Thats it. No last name. Why? Maybe because i was raised by my mom only. She is a single parent whom not so single in her life. I am not born in this city, i am born and raised in a small city here. My childhood is simple, i go to public school until graduate highschool. At the age of 18 my Mom died. Well she is not in a good shape anyway in her last years. We dont have any house because me and my mom renting a small house there. So after she died, i sold everything that we have and move here. First year here is really hard. I found a very cheap flat and live really strict life until i get jobs. First job i have is a dishwasher in a dinner on 57th avenue. Its always busy, and since i don’t think that i should go to uni or college, i take more jobs. Dishwasher, babysitting, house cleaning you name it. Once finally i landed on a Food Catering service. I met Danny on a wedding organization company. At that time he done the wedding interior design for a wedding that i handling for catering. He is such a man with full of life and passion. It makes me want to know him and be his friend. Well Danny done great job in my life. one time i am sick because too many jobs here and there. Danny was there and help me through the worst days. He ask zicco, the owner of the restaurant i work now to hire me as a waitress. Well Zicco pay me good. I drop most of my other jobs then to focus on this job Danny give me . Then Danny was starting to make his own business. He wants to pursue his passion. So he and few friends of him create InsideLookInc Gallery. So they work on very hard to make it happen. Its been 2 years now and you can see by yourself how he get. I am also evolving myself, i met a lot of people as time goes by at the restaurant. My communication skill are getting better and better. I can exactly know what people wants by trying to paying full attention on them. Observing skill are the most important skill that i can learn. But yea sometimes life gives you another twist. My ex-boyfriend give me not so good experience 5 months ago. Then Danny insist i moving with him so my ex will not harm me.

Now i am currently living with Danny, eventhou i have enough money to rent place by my own. He said to keep it untill we can go travelling to Maldives one day “  

He keeps watching me closely as i speak and take some sips of his beer also.

“ you are such a strong and independent woman. “ he said with wide smile.

“ thanks. But not so strong anyway. I am still a fragile woman. “ i continued, because i cant resist you.

“ its been a pleasure to meet you. I met adorable Lady with nice story. Maybe i blog something about you? Can i? “ he jokes

I said as long as he didn’t post weird things about me he can do anything with my story. Then i see my phone to find out its almost 1 am. How times flew by.

“ lets go back.. its late for you “ he said.

“ yea i think so. “ and put on my coat and takes my bag.

We take taxi home. Before he drove off he said “ I want to have more talks with you, i call you “

All i can do is smiling.


The next day.. 10 am


“ Thanks for last night. Hope you have a nice day.i got to go out of the city for few days. But i cant wait to talk to you more. Tell me when wil you have a day off. I want you to take me to your favourite place in the city. Someplace nice to take pictures and picnic maybe. Yea picnic. I am an old school dating kind of guy. I am not broke, i am just love the simplicity. Text me soon. XO Ben “

I felt my jaw dropping when i read the text.

“dating” i said to myself. Isnt it fast?? Oh God wait untill Danny heard about this.

I rolled over and take another hour to sleep. This is too real to be true.


The next few days i am so busy with helping Danny and also handling the work i had. The restaurant is going to take another level. Zicco wants all of his staff to attend some of seminars and workshop about Customer Demand and Satisfaction. We also get few training about the effect of social media for business. Zicco request us to make one account on Instagram and be the Social media agent for his restaurant. So some of us also get to be pictured so we can show how great our services are. We could also posting some candid photo of staff and the restaurant environtment day to day. All of this give my head not enough time to think about Ben. I even forgot to reply him. I always thinking its way to soon to jump into another relationship. I want to know Ben first before declaring that i am finaly going steady.

Until one afternoon tea that i have with Danny turns the situation.

“ So hows your work Jen? “ he asking without looking cause he is busy with his Apple Scone.

“ so far so good “ and i tell him about the Instagram thing from the restaurant.

“ cool. So you have Instagram account now?? You should follow my gallery! “

“ yea yea, i am also thinking there. I will look your gallery later on. “ and bite my Apple Pie.

“ I think i have one picture of you from the last exhibition Jen. “ He said while he start scrolling his Instagram. I did startled about it. Because i never take any picture there and i didnt see any press taking my picture. When he handed me the picture i was so much in awe.

Myself, standing near the cherry blossoms. With the dress i wear and the lighthing from the gallery, makes me looks like a Cherry blossom Fairy.

“ its taken beautifully right? “ Danny said with wide smile.

I scrolled down to read the caption

One fine darling under the pink shades. Emitting the light and lush. A nice decorating room can make one ordinary scene into Beautiful Image. I never forget this one. Its feels precious, fragile, full of peace.

Its one fine moment at InsideLookInc Gallery.

Model : Jenna

Taken by : Ben Sterling

“ when did Ben take this? “ thats my first reaction .

“ I dont know. He just tag the gallery . I like it. You look beautiful here. Ben did great job. We gain more follower and more project. I should thank him. “ Danny said.

“ yea.. i love the picture so much.. “ i am thinking that i can ask Ben to mail the picture later. That suddenly reminds me of his request for date on my free day.. i am soooooo confused the whole day  


to be continued...

Published by Tanya Petrushka