Zayn Malik Song’s Pillow talk , aired on the background.

“ So you will going on a picnic with Ben? “ asked Danny, while he seeing me start to rumble between all of my clothes to find something will do for the picnic.

“ yea, I said to him we could go as a friends. “

“ baby, I know you for few years now. You are an open book in front of me. Come on, just admit to me that you like him. “ Danny just threw himself on my bed.

“ Danny!!!”I shouted in protest

“ what? Its true. Otherwise you will just pick one jeans n t-shirt. Not in this rumble of ‘ I don’t have clothes to go ‘ drama. “ He played with my phone to change the song.

“ okay. He is supeeeer cute.. but I really don’t want to get my hopes too high on this one. I mean, I don’t want to hurt like before. Every guys are sweet in the beginning. You know that. “ while I am try on a blouse with floral pattern skirts.

“ that’s looks nice. Graceful . “ Danny said.

“ oke I choose this one. “

Put those blouses away. I go checkin up the place we about to go on my computer. The event planner on that city didn’t tell if there will be any event on the park that we going about. But they also tell us that in the centre will be a nice music shows. Maybe Ben would like to go there afterwards. The Park has a lake on it. I hope the weather is not too chilly.

“ Danny, there’s a lake there. Should I bring changes? “

“ you planning on swimming?? “

“uhmm.. no. but I don’t know “ I am concerning if maybe Ben really a playful one who will get an idea as such ‘ skinny dippin ‘ .

“ yea why not. Bring a thick blanket. If its too heavy then u could ask Ben to carry it, while u carry the food. “  he suggesting.

“ yea it’s a good idea. “ so I pack a set of undies, another pair of short jeans with casual shirts with the blanket that I already prepare earlier.

I can imagine how time flies. I mean its been 3 days ago that we are planning to go. Now, the date is tomorrow. This is the first time that I will use one of my off-day to get out and doing something. Usually I just curled up on my bed until later on. Going to the supermarket to refill the fridge. Preparing nice dinner at home for me and Danny. After that usually we watch something on Netflix. 100% relaxing n lazy day. But if tomorrow will be going right. Another Day-off will be my chance to get with Ben and enjoying many event together.

After all the preparation complete I text Ben..

“ Hi Ben, how are you? Just want to make sure about our plan for tomorrow. Give me news! “

After I send it , suddenly I regret it. I mean, I sounds bossy. It doesn’t sound as if a girl lookin forward to meet a guy to have fun. I am so stupiiiid. I spent all day wondering. Because after 2-4 hours, Ben didn’t text me back. Oh God, is he going to cancel it because what I text him. I am going to work afterwards with a blue feeling. Its kinda hard to cover the disappointment. I work in silence, but always try to keep smiling and helpful to all of the customer. On a small break, I check my phone. Still no message. This feeling is killing me! I try to snap it out of my head right away. I have to focus on my work.


I see 1 text on my phone. I am wishing it was Ben and it is. I am so relieved. So I read the text..

“ Hi Jen, sorry been so busy lately. I have blog deadline and some review for the client. Yea of course the plan is still going. I see you tomorrow. Really looking forward for a day off . the past week is been crazy . Take care on your way home. Text me when you safely home. “

Aww… a sweet one I thought. All my suspicious mind is no need. He still want to go out with me.

I am smiling widely all the way home and make sure I text him before I am sleeping.

“ Been at home since 20 mins ago. Now I am going to bed. See u tomorrow. “

Then I close my eyes to get some sleeps.

9.45 am Train Station.

I sit nicely after buying the 2 train tickets to my old neighborhood. I see some people busy with themselves. I was trying to find any glimpse of Ben. But yea I was early. So of course I didn’t find him until 20 mins later. Half running he came into where I am sitting.

“ hi Jenna,, how are you ? “ he said while I am standing up. He pull his face forward and landed a friendly kiss on my cheek. Total redness came across my face instantly. I look down to his basket to hide it .

“ hi, wow you bring lots of food. “ I said..

“ yea,, I am a big eater. I hope I could left something for you. Hahaha “ he giggled.

“ I hope so. Well we still have 5 mins, before the train come. Here’s your ticket. “ then he handed me some money in return which I hold with question mark on my face.

“ I pay! Come on, I am maybe simple. But I will always pay the cost for every date that I have. “ he insist.

But the way he say “ every date “ makes me jealous. It means maybe he is dating here and there with other people. That’s leave me frowning for couple of seconds. Maybe afterwards he realized what’s wrong then he adding

“ I mean in the past. When I going on a date with my ex, I pay everything. I am not always dating here and there now. I hope this erased all the doubt on your face. “  then he rubbed my head lovingly.

An hour train, didn’t felt at all. Me and Ben are busy listening to the playlist that we make with sharing earphones. He pulled out some ham and put it in his mouth saying he is really hungry. I am laughing how he sometimes like a baby who can’t hold his hunger. Soon we arriving at the place. I look around and I felt like the air welcoming me home. Well It’s not my home anymore, but all the memories that stay behind wakes me up in a kind of way. Ben saying, it’s always good to come back to a place who fills with good memories. It’s recharge your mind completely. The park is 15 mins by bus from the train station. It’s a little bit outskirt from the city. But it has a small lake and forest. Some people already park their car and having picnic like we do. The trees here didn’t get orange like most tree on autumn. They just there with few leaves. There also a gazebo in one corner of the lake. When we finally found a nice place to spread a blanket, our tummy began to growl. We really need to eat fast.

 Ben spread all the food on the blanket. He handed me over few paper plates and plastic spoon and fork.. He open the food that has been folded in aluminum foil, I found out it some kind of Meat rolls, steamed veggies, garlic breads, grilled sausages, seafood pastries, fruit cocktail, some canned drinks. I am amazed of how may food he brings..

“ u now making all of this right? “ I asking.

“ if I tell you the worse truth will you be angry with me? “

“ well as long as you didn’t said it was taken for the dumpster I think I will not mad.”

“ well I make the grilled sausages and the garlic bread. The other I had from the restaurant that I review. The meat rolls are from new restaurant at 7th ave. The seafood pastries I got from the seafood stall at the 60th ave park. Fruit coctails also the stalls next to it. Most of it I had for free “

I laugh. I mean how a man can be this simple. He used every resources in his live to fulfill every need he has.

“ you have a nice life Ben! “ I keep on laugh. He just look at me seriously

“ is that a compliment or a satire comment? “

“ 100% compliment” I insisted.

“okay.. lets eat. “ he put some food to the plate and play the song that we already arranged thru the Bluetooth speakers.

Sia Cheap thrills fill the air..

I see closely how he eat. Well its different from the last time I saw him eating at Zicco’s . the gesture more comfortable. More relaxed. He eats with his bare hand. Sometimes licking the fingers. Its just like eating with a boy than a man. No need to keep up the sleek boy image. I think I see him as he is now. The most normal him. I am happy to know that. I start to eat the food in front of me. Even thou its yesterday food, it’s still taste delicious. Ben does really an eater. If I didn’t save up some food on my plates I think he will finished off everything. I do believe he will eager for more. mean while we really enjoy the park. Light breeze came to us. Its nice. Not so cold. Just a fresh air. Other than the music we play I can hear the sound of the water. Sounds of the winds thru the leaves .  I am day dreaming for maybe almost 30 mins in silence. That moment I didn’t realize that Ben already pulled out his camera. He shots me few times. I cant hear the shutters. I didn’t  realize how many pictures he make. I am still busy in me mind. Until Ben asking me what is happening in my mind now.

“ sorry, I didn’t mean to so cope up with myself. Is just, well as you said, take me to your favorite place. This is my favorite place. I used to spent my summer here with my mom. We brought sandwiches. I am swimming. My mom would read some books under the shades. One other times, I lay down on the blanket on her lap, just enjoying the sky. Me and my mom didn’t talk much. We used to adapt to each other without too much words. When somethings going on either is bad or good, we barely celebrate or mourn about it. Weird actually. I mean I look to other family, it didn’t work that way like my family does. But , I never asking why. I am just simply living it. It’s also affect me I think. I didn’t open much to people . it’s weird I am open myself to you. “ I explained to Ben.

“ if I may said, from this place I felt that you are a romantic person. That  you like peace environment. You like the nature. Means you like things came up naturally and not made up. So no hypocrisy. You sometimes hold what you want to say afraid of any conflict. But you can be a good mediator in terms of works. If it occurs feeling you will never make a fight . I think you should be a little braver. I mean, you have to speak up your mind when you feel you like it. Not everyone is patient. Not everyone is having the ability to reads others attitude. Honesty is a good thing. But yea it’s also comes with some consequences. I hope you understand what I mean. “

I look at him in the eye and said nothing. I understand completely. I felt it. I really want to try this one. To open up myself to the world. Not closing myself.

“ Jenna, you said you used to swim here? “ Ben asked.. suddenly my heart sinking.

“ yes. In the summer! “ I said loud because Ben its getting closer to the lake and testing the temperature.

“ its not cold. Wanna swim?? “ he open his t shirt, trousers, socks n shoes.. and jump in a minute after he ask that.

I am really amazed of what I see. I insist on saying no. but he keeps begging. I open my blouses and skirts. I end up on my tanks and undies.  I see his face is reddened, while I am put one feet into the water. Not to0 cold.

“ wooow Jenna, you have a nice body. “ he shoots..

I am just swim across to get near to him. We play for a while swimming here and there, playing splash, he did ruin my hair. He puts me on his shoulder just to have me fall back splashing big into the water. I let out a scream of course and he just laugh. I am gasping for air he helps me stabilize myself. We smiling and start to laugh…

That moment, when I put my hand on his shoulder. His face are so close. His lips just an inch away. His hand on my hips. One gently pull I get closer to him. I don’t know what to do, when he move his head closer. All I do next is close my eyes and feel his lips on mine.

Sweetly brushed my lips then make out for a moment I don’t remember how long. It’s just feel right. It’s just feel like it’s meant to be, I put my hand around his neck when I finally kiss him back. The lake current pulls us here and there, yet we still entwined our self. When its finish, I felt my cheek turn rouge. He pulls me to the side and we sit there he grab the blanket to cover our wet and cold body.

“ Jenna, “

“hmmm… “ while I am resting my head on his chest and he put his arm around my shoulder

“ I am happy! “ said Ben

“ me too.. “ I said softly.

“ too bad we don’t have any food left. I am getting hungry again. “ he said with small laugh

“ who’ s said to swim huh, this is what happen after swimming. I am also hungry. We still have the fruit cocktail and mineral water. “ while I am looking at the picnic box that Ben has.

“ no problem, we can eat it that now. Then later on find something to eat here before heading back home “

We put our clothes back on, I have to change to my self inside the cover of blanket. Ben sweet enough to not looking and stay watch if any other people who pass us notice.

After that, we eat the fruit cocktail and listen to some songs.

“ Ben, these afternoon there will be a music event in the centre here. Why don’t we going there. We can amuse ourselves and maybe you will cover it up on your Instagram. I thinks it’s also some local food bazaar there. I saw it yesterday on the net. “ I said to him while we pack our things to heading for another meal . without hesitation Ben said yes to that and I can’t wait to see how the music event goes.

We leaving that place after taking 3 selfies of our great moment there. Our happy smile, our Happy moment, our first picnic, and our first kiss. 

to be continued...

Published by Tanya Petrushka