Yea that’s my name. A 22 year old girl who living in a city which is so hectic sometimes we were thinking does our city ever sleep? I am living currently with my roommate in a very small flat. We were lucky to have an indoor bathroom. Its a luxury we always treasure. Not to share bathroom with others. My roommate is a boy. Wait, i know what you are thinking. He is not into me. He is not into any Women. He is a Gay. A wonderful kind of gay i may said. Because he always neat and smells nice . He is also have a good taste in house decor so it makes his job easy . He is an Interior Designer. Me? I am just a regular girl who work at nice restaurant as waitress. I had no good brain for finish my study. Graduating highschool is a gift from GOD. But yea, since my mom passed away i decided to take my own kind of way of living and moving from my old neighbourhood to have my own adventure.

“ Yes Danny.. Whats up? “ i am trying to answer his call under my blanket.

Honestly i am still very sleepy and didn’t intend to wake up early any moment. I am finishing my work a little bit later last night, because the owner of the restaurant is having a birthday supper with all the restaurant crew after closing.

“ I thought you will join myself to the gallery today? You said you will help. The exhibition start in 3 hours, are you going? “ Danny explain lots of things while he start to let the sunshine goes into the room, makes me goes deeper and deeper into the blanket.

“ is it today? “ i open my eye and do the stretching.

“ yes! So get ready and dressed. Remember today dresscode is fushcia, so make sure you wear a pinkish flowy summer gown you had! “

“ But its September, and outside is freaking cold. “ i protested

“ yea, this design is for springs dear... “ and then he fades away... to spray some of pinkish hairspray on his ombre hair...

Such a crazy idea i guess. Yea i know fashion and designing things are always design something ahead. Eventhou its winter they are planning for springs already.

In two hours i am busy prepraring myself. Take shower, breakfast , and put the make up and dress on

“ ready? “ Danny asking..

“ yup! “

Gallery 10am..

When i went into the gallery, i saw a fine Pinkish carpet with the company name and sponsors..

Danny were one of the designers from the team that arrange this exhibition. It collaborate Product design department with Interior Design department. I may say, it were beautiful. When i goes inside i thought it will be all in pink or fushcia, but no. The area divided into different room, such as living area, dining area , kitchen , bedroom , bathroom. We have very pale green living area, with cherry blossoms tree, a baroque styled fuschia sofa, nice solid black coffee table with silver ornaments on top of it, and a colourful pop painting over the TV in front of the sofa. Pale yellow orange kitchen. With pink pans, nice white kitchen island, some pinkish drinks and food served there while the barista and waitress busy filling champagne glasses. Oceanic blue bathroom with pink circle tub. White toiletries makes me craving a super lux bathroom. It has few little pots of greens and pink flower. It feels really relaxing and seren. The dining area were hot red. Dark coloured dining table and chairs, are pop out because of the pink table setting. The chandelier are exquisite. I do imagine that a glam taste people will adore the chandelier. Black frame of pictures are around the dining area , just an antique and old feeling of fruit and food painting. But i never knew who would guess that the bedroom woud be almost all white. The pink accent only few here and there but it gave me such a feeling that Man or Woman or couples would be comfortable in it.

The DJ played the song of Sweet Lovin from Sigala.. I am here to be a plus one from Danny. Sometimes also mingled to the guest and give outs Danny’s name card. Try to mention as many as i can about his design here and there. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable and introduced the potential customer straight to Danny. Well if he get a job, then i got 10% commission from him and his friends. Its nice job right. You enjoy the event, meet a lot of people, and then get money. All you need to do is be their mediator. Well this is a skill that i had since i was train to be a waitress. You must know exactly what your customers want. Customers order and satisfaction are the number one thing in restaurant business. Once they are unsatisfied we can say that doom is coming. So doing this mediator things for Danny is jut a natural things to do.

I really enjoyed it at last, eventhou later in the evening i will get into my shift on the restaurant. Danny cornered me one time and say thank you for today’s help, he get 6 jobs booked for the next month. So it is a good things. I congratulate him and say i think i will leave early, cause i will get to the restaurant around 5pm. He said he will take the rest of the designers eating on there also for dinner. Its nice right?

I head myself out, but remember i need to take my coat in a small back area for the designers stuff. So i went back in there i found a very cool looking creature. Philip George songs Wish you were mine on the air when i see him. He is not so neat but not dirty . not kind of grunge artist. Just a regular man i think. Then he saw me and smiled. All i can do is smiled back. My mind keep thinking should i go further or just turn away.

1 minutes feels like eternity.. he have a strong body built that i like. Not to bulky like a muscle man but fit. At first i am worried, what if he is gay.. i believe some of the guys here are checking him out . i am opening my phone and text Danny if he knew the guy and to check wether he is gay or not before i came forward. I close my phone waiting for reply then pretendly seeing an art craft that being expose near me.

I steal a glance or twice to check he is still around. Once he is there.. and i take a deep breath. 5 minutes later i see he is not at the same place i see him before. I give myself a weak smile to check the text from Danny.

“ Never seen him before. Nope he is all yours. I think he is Nice! Better than Jacob ( my ex ) “

Too late i guess when i reading it, so i turn my body to go out.

“ Excuse me, are you the designer? “ a voice stop me..

A deep solid voice. I can inhale his perfume before i see his face. I turn around to face that exactly the man i am after just talking to me. I am in a state of shocked unprepared for an answer and stay silent a couple of minutes.

“ I saw you talking to other guest and handing over name card. My name is Ben , i am a blogger and i am interested about todays exhibition “ he said calmly while he give me his name card. I let out a groggy laugh before answer back to him.

“ Hi, my name is Jenna. Welcome to our exhibition. I am just a mediator for the guests here. I am not a designer. The designer here are my friend. I can introduce you with them if you want to? “  with the nicest smile i can compose on my face.

“ Nice to meet you Jenna, it would be a great help from you of course. “ he smiled back

In my heart theres me running around and melting , he is so coooool

“ sure, this way “ and i lead him to Danny.

For a moment i linger there to catch a glimpse of him talking. But yea i need to get ready for my own work , i cant stay longer eventhough my heat aching fo it.

I keep his name card with me. I wish he would ask my number from Danny. But yea, it was too much to ask. So i walked thru the breezy afternoon to my flat. So i can prepare myself for work.


Restaurant 5.30 pm

I am starting busy attending tables and serving orders to the customers. I did put Danny name on the reserved list for approximately 6 people and a nice seat for them. Also i ask the chef to made a special greetings on their plates about the success of the galery.

Around 8, they are coming into the restaurant and in quite of shock because Ben is also there.

“ So you are working here too? What a busy Lady “ that was his first comment before sitting.

“ yes, i meet fancy people here that soon become my regular and then know me well. Sometimes i can help their problem also with some aquintances that i have. So its a nice job right? “ i give him the menu while i am starting to take orders from the rest of the guys who casualy came here few times before so they know exactly what to order.

I can’t stay long either cause there are other tables that i need to wait, so i left them enjoying a good meal with nice year of wine.

“ so what time you finish? “ Ben ask,

“ why ? “

“if you are not too tired, i would like to have drinks with you. I felt that you are an interesting girl “

I felt up and down. I want to say yes. But i didnt know him well enough, i dont know what should i do

“ well i am finish in 1 hour. There is a bar couple blocks from here its called Hoots, if you want some drinks then i can go there. “ finally i said my answer after battle in my head.

“ great, you know my number from the name card i give you earlier, call me when you finish, i will meet you there. “ 

to be continued

Published by Tanya Petrushka