So, I am not sure how many people remember the Jenny Craig diet but I do know every once in awhile it hits the T.V screen late at night and early mornings where I am from anyways. It wouldn't be fair of me to analyze all these diets and not mention this one because it has been around for over 30 years and this must mean it either works, or it works or perhaps it works. I am not quite sure which one it is, but we shall find out! Again, this is another diet that I have not tried and I am not interested in trying because remember: I don't like diets, and I am happy where I am with my eating habits for now but this doesn't necessarily mean I am going to stop you from experiencing something that might interest you.  Let me start off by saying for those of you who may not be experts on the Jenny Craig diet and have never heard of it or have had interest in it but never really understood it.. no worries I will explain it all here and hopefully give you more insight.  I want to just add that my goal isn't to keep people from dieting (although I will make a post discussing diets & why I think we are better off without them: tune in for that one in the near future) my goal is to make sure you fully understand each diet and get the pros/cons at your service so that you can make healthy decisions based on your lifestyle and motivations. I don't want to discuss this too much in depth but I will say, that diets have their negatives and positives.  


The Jenny Craig diet is for weight loss and maintenance and claims people will lose 2 pounds a week.  This diet is made to be a calorie and fat controlled diet that helps dieters manage portion size through the use of prepackaged foods.  This diet allows its dieters to talk with nutrition councelors online, or over the phone or at the Jenny Craig locations and the reason for the use of councelors is so that clients develop a healthier relationship with food by learning to use wise lifestyle choices that support mind, spirit and body.  Below I have listed some of the pros and cons of this particular diet that one should consider before starting this diet:



  • The prepackaged foods control portion sizes (saves time from having to calorie count)
  • The food is delivered to your location/residence
  • microwave use only, no need for cooking
  • Diet plan is tailored to meet your needs
  • The councelors offer extensive one-on-one support
  • Counceling can help you get through bad times like frustration, plateaus, and lack of motivation
  • You can participate online and or over the phone
  • Foods can be ordered online
  • The diet doesn't encourage fads like skipping meals or starvation
  • slow and steady weight loss versus rapid weight loss
  • Social networking opportunities where dieters can support one another
  • The foods are said to be well balanced and "healthy" 
  • People say the food taste good.


  • You may not like the food
  • The diet is designed for those with food allergies or sensitivities
  • the majority of the foods are frozen
  • if you cook for a family, you may have to cook them something different while you eat the prepackaged foods (unless everyone in the family is in on the diet together)
  • The food and plan(s) are expensive
  • If one likes to go out to eat, this might be more difficult because it relies on prepackaged foods and frozen foods
  • The diet is difficult to follow while traveling 
  • Because this is a weight loss plan, there may be difficulties for those that lose weight and go back to real world eating habits because you no longer will follow meal plans

With this all being said, I already see the one of the biggest issues with this weight loss diet, it is just that a weight loss diet.  This means it isn't meant for long term, it is meant for a short term goal and this doesn't mean you can't be on Jenny Craig for more than 6 months but it means once you lose the amount of weight needed/wanted it is no longer of use to you.  The problem with this is people end up going backwards and having to get back on the diet because they don't know how to portion control real foods when they have become so used to prepackaged foods that have the correct amount of servings.  The weight loss aspect seems to be proven that it works but once one loses their weight they don't know how to continue down the right path without the prepackaged meal plan and this makes things a harder afterwards.  I  believe in long term lifestyle choice diets, because those are the ones that will take cake and win every time.  When I think about diets like these, that are short term they have very good qualities but like I have said up top, the cons sometimes outweigh the pros.  As a dieter or person wanting to start a diet you need to really make sure whatever diet you have chosen fits your lifestyle and if it does, great and if not.. then you shouldn't go through with it or you should look into other options that work best.  I state this all the time, DON'T GO BROKE FOR A DIET; and this includes all diets.  I would love to hear from everyone what they think of the Jenny Craig diet, testimonials, and share more information with us if I left anything out.  Thank you for reading!


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