Every year at this time I start to see signs that remind us that ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’.  Schools have winter or holiday concerts, we sing holiday songs, I have even seen articles of people that erect holiday trees.  What could be so terribly wrong about saying the word Christmas.

    As much as it does bother me that the word Christmas and Jesus are being erased from the season, I think many people miss the bigger picture.  Yes, Jesus is the reason for the Season, but He is more.  Jesus is the reason for every day of my existence.  He is the reason I am alive.  He is my sustenance.  He is my breath and my heartbeat.  The only reason I can be with God throughout eternity is because of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary; He died for my sins and paid a debt I could not pay.

    Yes, we need to work diligently to keep Jesus, the Christ, in Christmas, but we also need to ensure that we keep Him in our daily life.

Published by Ray Richards