I'm sure we all have those friends that promise they will be there to help us when we need assistance.  I know I have said it to many of my friends.  The problem is, no matter how good our intentions, or how sincerely we mean it, they will be a time when we will fall short and not be able to give the assistance needed.  Even if we try our best, we can be assured there will come a time when will not be able to fulfil that promise of help in a time of need.

    A. A. Luther penned a hymn titled ‘Jesus Never Fails’.  It starts with the line ‘earthly friends may prove untrue’.  Our friends may try their best, but there will be a time when our friends will fail us and doubts and fears may over take us.  The other verses focuse on the fact that life may be dark and we may feel alone.  It is the chorus that reminds us ‘Jesus never fails, heaven and earth my pass away but Jesus never fails’.  We need to never let our focus be on the dark times, but instead on the fact that Jesus never fails.

Published by Ray Richards