The sweet sound of your name leaves us in awe.

The melody rings comfort to my soul,

Pleasing to the ear,

Allowing me to be left with peace;

No fear because you my Father are always near.

Your scriptures release a sense of calming

Resolution for each day.

The feeling of not needing, because you proved all that is.

Knowing that you as my savoir will pave a bright and safe way through this

Unexpected life.

Your Name, is Power; Strength; Love; Care; Mercy; Grace; an everlasting promise, that we could never be alone; we will always be saved and protected. That all things are good, and pure and honest through you.

Your Name is like medicine to the spirit; a caretaker to the soul, carrying me through this life on earth.

Thank you Father for being exactly who you are!


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews