Jewel Cafe and Bar is located in the vicinity of Little India, and rather close to Mustafa Centre (where you can get lots of cheap stuff). It was also a short walk away from Farrer Park MRT station (not to be confused with Farrer Road, which is on the Circle Line instead!).

The cafe offers an all day dining menu from 11am - 9.30pm, while the breakfast menu is available from 9am - 11am (Tue - Fri), and from 9am - 3pm (Weekends & Public Holidays).

We ordered the umami prawn capellini to share, and it was really yummy. It felt like a Japanese-fusion dish to me, as the seaweed taste was strong. I did not mind though, and I enjoyed the succulent grilled prawns and the slightly moist capellini pasta. 

We also ordered the chilli crab pasta, which came highly recommended by C (she had dined here before, unlike me). The spicy chilli crab sauce tasted like the original one from my favourite chilli crab restaurant, Long Beach! The crispy fried mantous (fried buns) were great too, and only a shade behind that from Long Beach. The mantous were not too oily, and yet gave that satisfying crunch when I bit into it. Of course, don't let them soak in the sauce for too long! The linguini had a good number of crab meat chunks tossed within as well, and I approve of this dish!

I ordered a flat white for myself, which came in a huge cup, and had a smooth, lightly nutty flavour. Compared to other flat whites, this was of a low acidity level, and a light aftertaste, which would be appealing to coffee drinkers that do not like bitter coffee blends.

Jewel Cafe's iced chocolate was a sweet and milky concoction, and was the perfect ending to the savoury and spicy chilli crab pasta.

To end off our meal, we ordered an apple crumble to share. Truth be told, we were not very impressed when the dish came, as it took close to 15min to be served, and the presentation was rather disappointing. Yet, this was a classic case of not judging a book by its cover, or in this case, not judging an apple crumble by how crumbled it looked! Two thumbs up for this!


Overall Impression

A cafe with a homely vibe, tucked away in a small corner on the outskirts of Little India, Jewel Cafe and Bar was a great place to have a weekend brunch at. I imagine that it would be a nice place to nurse a coffee and a good book as well! As I'm typing this out, I'm already craving for more chilli crab pasta goodness!


Jewel Cafe and Bar

129 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218407 (Nearest MRT: Farrer Park)

+65 6298-9216

Open 9am-10pm (Sun, Tue - Thu) & 9am-11pm (Fri & Sat), Closed on Mon

Check out their website here.

Published by Lucas Lee