I wouldn't say I'm very teenage angsty but Jesus this morning I was triggered to high hell. I hate showing my parents my personal statement for uni, it's just too mortifying. What's worse is dad comes up with the worst advice. This morning what triggered me was that he was wanting to see it even though he had seen it at 10 pm the night before. I was asking why he cared and he drops the "well if you were XXX I wouldn't need to check" That actually made me mad as shit. He keeps dropping these hints about this kinda stuff like "stop pretending you're at the top". What annoys me about the whole thing is that in the most non dick head way of saying it, I've done enough to be at the top. I've spent way too much time trying to do shit to means I'm objectively at the top that its annoying when I get shit on by my own dad. My reason for trying to win prizes, what I realized 3 years ago, was that all that counted for these infernal university applications was the stuff you could write on a page. So I decided to start collecting that shit. So I suppose what I find annoying is that my father decided that everything I've done is pretty easy because he hasn't really seen other kids and yeah it's kinda sad when you don't get appreciated. This makes me sound like the soppiest dick but who knows I said I'd be more honest this year and if that means sounding like a knob and mark showing the whole year than so be it.

Published by Kevin Li