Another weeks over. I wrote a post the week before about doing the work this week so I could afford that summer school. I did the work, or at least the foundational parts I needed to do but realized there was no point in this summer school. At least currently I don't think there is. £2000 can be spent on experiences that would be far better than a 10 day residential with a bunch of unassuming kids who have rich parents. I went to some information day workshop about study finance in university. The kids there were boring, no one was really killing the game, just turned up and asked stupid questions, I reckon that's what this would be like, the barrier to entry is just so low. So I don't think I will go. One thing I did want to talk about was goals. I've set a few goals on blogs usually when I make them. On 15 and something which I started last summer I can't remember the original goals I had in totality. One was live healthily which I'm trying but honestly haven't got enough reason to do it. The other was to find a source of income before I leave high school, well I have a toolkit to start small drop shipping businesses with organic sales and hopefully branch into social media marketing as well as an actual job. Becomming more social was another one. Well I have a job where the only hiring criteria was being sociable but honestly it's still not perfect, not as unavailable as I'd like. When I made my goals for 2017 on this blog I wrote a few. The two I remember right now (as I have neither the patience nor 3g to find the full list) was to win 5 prizes and to make £10,000 in a year and I've already gotten 4 prizes hopefully. The 10,000 is different. From carphone if I work the full year I'll have around £2,500, the spinners will be around another 1000 by the end of the year. I've already got plans for a tea pot dropshipper and who knows where the year will take me. I'm a little apprehensive but still confident I can do it. So I think that's all I have to say, just justify and see how I'm doing in my goals.

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