Nothing can be more heart fluttering than the candle lights, flowers and pretty valentine’s gifts. They celebrate a day dedicated to the love of their lives, a day that is special and unique in its own way. And what else can be better than a perfect surprise bell with lots of chocolates, roses, and the favourites of your favourite sitting at home in BARDOLI, THE LAND OF SUGAR.

Bardoli is a historical town of India located 34 km away from SURAT, GUJARAT. It is still remembered for the famous peace and unity movement, Satyagrah.Many new industries and sugar mills have been setup in Bardoli and since then Bardoli has made appreciable growth in economic and social fields. Known for its widespread peace and love, Valentine’s Day has to be somewhat special in such a town. So have you already planned for your Valentines day in Bardoli?

Valentine’s Day is a day of expressing love, affection, care, and all that you owe for him or her. People all around the world celebrate in their own unique traditional ways and expresses their concern and love and passion for each other.

Fill it with compassion and make loved ones feel that they are the most special and loving people in the world and you will always be there for them. So, make it the best for your bestie. Deliver valentine’s day gifts to Bardoli. Offering a wide range of the gifts they like, specially designed and packed with love and care for your special ones.

Make this valentine’s day a unique and the best ever by choosing from a range of gifts that they love and avail the doorstep surprising delivery bell with a gift packed in our own loving way. Make it sweet by our imported heart shaped chocolates, cookies and cakes. Make it favourite and cozy by Special Valentine’s Day packs and heart shaped cushions and pillows. Make it colourful and sensual by valentine’s flowers and bouquets. A chance to let your world feel the most special and loving by a unique, mesmerizing and wide range of Valentine’s Day gift hampers delivered at your location in Bardoli. The delivery timings can be customized and set according to the preferences of the loved ones. So why waiting and thinking of how to express love for your favourites, just order from the best ever range of quality gifts specially packed with love and care for the loved ones…

She picked up the chit from her class bench and read it carefully, ‘I like you — if you like me come to library in recess.’ This note was accompanied by a slab of heavenly, imported Kit Kat. She immediately unwrapped the chocolate, crammed the entire thing into her mouth while simultaneously crumpling the note and tossing all the evidence into a nearby bin, before the other students trooped inlay, romance. Nothing gets the heart fluttering like candlelight, flowers and the sound of sweet nothings. We love it so much, we have a day dedicated to celebrating all the love in our lives – wonderful Valentine’s.

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