Why did I decide to Join Arbonne?


First of all, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Ticy (Tysie) Cherall and I am a 41-year young mother and grandmother. I am also a disabled woman from birth. I have three autoimmune diseases that extend from the gut of course. I also live a life with high blood pressure and asthma and also acid reflux is also known as Gerd. The autoimmune diseases I have are as follows:

Myasthenia Gravis

HypoThyroid Disease

Graves’ Disease

Now to say a little about each one of those. Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease that affects your muscles. Our muscles are being attacked by our own body. There is an organ within the body called the Thymus Gland that produces antibodies to help fight off colds, illnesses, viruses and things of that nature but for people with MG, our antibodies are attacking our muscles due to a discrepancy within our brain. Those voluntary muscles that you control from the corners of your mouth to the bending of your toes and everything in between are affected on a daily basis. So, we have to consistently move every day to maintain strength within our voluntary muscles are if we are not careful we can become cripple.


Then there is HypoThyroid Disease, this illness extends from the organ in your throat called the Thyroid. It’s a butterfly-shaped organ located within the neck that helps to control your main central nervous system. It's supposed to produce a substance within the brain called Serotonin to help keep you “normal”. When you have thyroid disease rather its hyper or hypo we lack this substance and it causes our body to shut down in many different ways and also our minds. We can develop things from bipolarism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, OCD and other illnesses as well if not treated properly.

Finally, there is Graves’ Disease, and this extends from Thyroid Disease. This illnesses basically affects the throat and the eyes. Its also known as Thyroid Eye Disease and it can affect the muscles behind the eyes to swell and this will cause the eyeball to push forward out of the socket. This can cause one to lose their sight if not treated for the eyes won’t close, this could cause infection and dry eye syndrome which can lead to other things that could eventually cause you to lose sight, but this is something I have never heard of happening. However, there is surgery that can correct this. I’ve had it.


All of these illnesses have some kind of medical fix to them and they all have some kind of medication so fix to them as well but also with the medical and medication fix there is always the chance of running into more problems with the medication that they are giving you or even the surgeries that you may have. Why go through all of that when you can just take the time to invest in yourself and HEAL YOUR GUT and you can avoid all of these things. Now I am not going to say that this is the end all to be all but it is a damn good start.


Now the I have said that to say this… I am a disabled woman and I do not work, I am on disability and I am surviving, and I no longer want to survive I want to live and surpass the means of my living conditions at this moment. I want to be independently independent, by that I mean I don’t want to have to feel the need to financially depend on anyone for financial support. I don’t want to depend on the state to feed me or help me with things I feel that I can do for myself. Yes I am a disabled woman but I know that with will and determination I can (and have been) take care of myself I just have to want it mentally and I do.


Joining Arbonne is scary as hell for me. It is a step in a direction that I never thought I would do is that living on disability is all I know. It’s the only income that I have to take care of me and my dog the only income I have to pay bills and rent so this is me truly Jumping (in my Steve Harvey voice). I am just tired of taking medication and I am tired of living month to month and overall I am tired of being tired. I have been on Arbonne for almost a month now and I have to say I feel great. I have always been one to watch what I eat and how I eat and how I cook things I do eat. Granted I have always been one to splurge from time to time wasting money on things I don’t need and then wondering why I feel like cramp and can’t breathe at night when its time to go to sleep. Knowing at that time of me eating whatever I’m eating I shouldn’t be eating it but because I want it I would eat it anyway and suffer later…


Its time for us as a woman, as African American women to take back the power of our health and stop depending on doctors to control our health in medication. Its time for us to heal our gut and become healthier than we are… take it back to the roots of time when our ancestors were literally and physically living off of the EARTH! I joined Arbonne because I want to be healthy I want to live a more vivacious life. I want to be here to watch my son grow older and get married. I am also a new grandmother to a GORGEOUS granddaughter and I want to be here to watch her grow and run around with her and just enjoy life for as long as God allows me to…


Now if you want to join my journey and be one of Southern Queen’s Princesses come on over to my team and sign up… hit me up for some information and we can do a one on one video chat and I can call you on the phone either way come on over to my world and I PROMISE you, you won’t regret it!!!



For the month of April, you can sign up for 0$ down and get your own kit at a huge discount. I have to say that this is the biggest jump I have ever made, and I have NO REGRETS!!!!


So, if you're interested please contact me by emailing me at

ticy.davis@yahoo.com I would love to talk with you and get you signed up




Loving the Skin, I’m In…

Southern Queen <3 



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