I screamed to no one in particular 

And actually not aloud at all 

I’ve been screaming it for years

To my mother, my father, my brother, the others

To hell with them all,

my friends and my foes 

My endeavors, my dreams

my elaborate schemes

I’m done, I’m done

with all of it all 

The money, the madness, perfection, and sadness 

When will it end,

this tunnel I travel 

Please show me the light, 

I’ve begun to unravel

My sanity has been left on the kitchen floor 

I seemed to have checked my manners at the door

I can’t do it no more

(Well there goes my grammar) 

Where’d that bitch named Life go?

I’d love to slap her 


Happiness seems such a distant joke 

Published by Alison Howe