Jonathan Considers Spirit of Anti-Christ




I don’t understand
My Father is King

Many great accomplishments
Huge army
Presently much ahead
Of the Philistines.
And David helped In all of this
Oh how he helped.
Young shepherd hero
With lusty tales of the wilderness
The lion and the bear.
And then there was Goliath
Not even a moment’s pause
And the enemy
Of the children of Abraham
Lay lifeless and headless.
But Father can say nothing good now
His eyes flare out
At the mention of the Son of Jesse.
He sends troops out to
Apprehend him
Like a wild, wandering bird.
When I try to calm the waters
He lashes out at me.
Even today
In the banqueting hall
Just a few words
And he launched his spear
As if to kill me.
I am baffled, shamed and heart-sick.
Saul resists simple honesty
Brotherhood and courage.
Has almost forgotten David’s soothing songs.
Lives in the darkness of jealousy
And the occult.
Nevertheless what I have seen
And felt in David
Will never change or waiver.
I am dedicated
By my own life’s blood
And I love this noble friend.
So help me God.

Published by Doug Blair