I like traveling. I don’t like the part when I reach destination, not always. Because destination makes a lot of difference. I remember the time when i was away from home for my studies, whenever I ll travel back to my home I used to get happy and when its other way around, don’t ask how many things i have tried and how many tickets i have canceled to avoid that. Why i did want to travel back?,it was the same route by which i came home happily.All because of “destination” , which i didn’t like but i never hated the traveling part though and I used to travel alone,all by myself for 24 hours in train.

So this weekend we came up with an idea of road trip without destination.By we I mean me and my husband. We have great chemistry between us. And we have a lot of fun whether it is some lavish party, fancy dinner, lazy Sunday brunch or just sitting home or flash marathon (flash as TV series that we watch).

So finally on Saturday morning we hit the road.We started 7 am as planned.We decided to go to Mysore road.

As always it was crowded like not normal crowded, Bangalore crowded. We had a plan that we will stop by Big Banyan Tree , we had GPS and all set but people just didn’t let us take exit for it and yeah we missed it. But hey this trip had no destination so who cares if we missed, we kept going.We crossed “Wonder la” and just about 500 m from its gate there was a place “Malgudi Vatika“, sounds interesting doesn’t it and there were people on the road wearing white kurta and black Nehru cap showing way to that place. So we dropped by to have break fast. Its nice place,they have that old and antique theme and big green garden.Everything veg so as always without reading menu I ordered vada sambhar and Abhinav went for puri sagu. Food is good . I didn’t like sambhar though so i dug into Abhinav’s puri(did I mention my husband’s name is Abhinav?).And we ended up ordering more.After the photo session we got back on road.

After few more kilometers we saw ” Rasta Cafe” on the left so we took a U-turn. How ironic? Rasta became our destination:) .

Cool place and it was only us there at that time. Again this one also had wide area of greenery. I had my usual cup of cappuccino and then we were back on road towards our home.

We thought why not give banyan tree one more shot and this time we made it there.And hell yeah it is indeed a big banyan tree, with monkeys on it. We spent some time there looking around and clicking photos.
While coming back, I don’t think any one can miss those road side soft toy shops. Confession , I love toys, I just cant get enough of them. When I see toys I just freak out,I want all of them and then more.I don’t know if more people like me exist in world or it just me crazy like this. Like always Abhinav bought me one turtle which later he said he bought for himself so he can keep it at the back of the car. Anyway he did buy a toy so that’s good enough for me.
Moving on again many parts of road had too much traffic but then we were back on nice road. It is actually nice. So it was time to change the driver. I love driving cause my dad started teaching me when I was in school and now my husband is finishing the job. Its been about 10 years since I drove, so I do get little scared while driving in Bangalore.
So conclusion, it was really fun and fortunately we had great weather today. We did get kind of lost though when all of sudden GPS stopped working , but we found our way home. It was about 140 km of drive and we are looking forward to exploring more places like this. It reminds me of something that I heard long back and always like. I am sure everyone has heard this before but lets see who still remember:
Manzil se keh do, meri raah na dekhe.
Mein aazad hun.:)


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