This is a children's book, yes but my son asked my to read it so I did!

Maia, our protagonist, is a such a wonderful character, she was definitely the one who captivated me. I was determined for her to be triumphant. And her governess Miss Minton (who I imagined to look like Emma Thompson, because she is lovely), also a beautiful character.

I honestly got so involved with each one of the roles, I despised the twins with their horrid dispositions and their Mother with her blooming fly spray!

Anyway, the story begins with Maia, an orphan, at boarding school in England. Two years after her parents are killed she is told that she has relatives in Manaus, Brazil who will take her in with the governess, Miss Minton.

Maia is of course scared at the prospect of moving so far away to an unknown place but also excited at the idea of new worlds. She researches where she will be staying and soon starts to look forward to her adventure. Unfortunately once they arrive in Manaus they aren't exactly greeted with open arms...poor Maia.

I won't spoil the story line, just be safe in the knowledge that you should read this book (even if you are over the age of 12) and just float away down the river sea giving a wave to the giant sloths of the Amazon.

Published by Katherine Hames