Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all won their Capital One Cup matches with quite hefty scorelines. Chelsea did admittedly have the biggest challenge of them all, however, they still produced a favourable outcome like the rest.

Arsenal had an astounding 4-0 win against Nottingham Forest. The first of their goals was netted by Xhaka in the 23rd minute and this remained the only goal of the first half. Arsenal's new signing has once again proved useful to the team.

In the second half, three more goals followed and they were all scored by the Gunners! Two were by Pérez Martínez and the last one was netted in extra time by Oxlade-Chambelain. There wasn't a single incorrect step taken by Wenger's side. 

The Gunners weren't the only red team firing cannons at their opponents. Liverpool demolished Derby County in a similar fashion. Klavan gave the Reds the lead with his goal in the 24th minute and two goals followed this in the second half. The Premier League teams almost seem to be finding the League Cup -dare I say- easy!

Well, that is when they are not up against one another. Chelsea unfortunately had to face-off against Leicester City, the Premier League Champions! Leicester netted two goals within the first 34 minutes! The Blues could have easily accepted defeat at this point. However, instead, they did something else...

They made a comeback! Cahill netted an optimistic goal in extra time of the first half. Then, within the first five minutes of the second half, Azpilicueta scored the equaliser. Any advantage had been cancelled out and all was still to play for!

Antonio Conte had tried to rest his key players for their weekend match against their London rival,Arsenal, however, he eventually decided to call on Diego Costa and Hazard to help the Blues secure a win. The win was achieved. 

In extra time Leicester had a player sent off and  so they were forced to play in added time with only ten men. With such rough behaviour, it was a long time coming. Within the first five minutes of added time Fàbregas netted two glorious goals to earn a golden victory for the Blues! Sometimes, the future just can't be so easily predicted.

So, it has been settled. Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all progressed to the next stage of the English League. They demolished their opponents with great vigour; who knows how far they could go?

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Published by Amarachi Orie