A couple nights ago, I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas; talk about a sad way to end a sad day. It depicted the horror of the Holocaust and how completely brutal and nonsensical it was, but I also saw a parallel between the movie and a story found in the book of Esther.

Hitler was the “Haman” of his time.

In the story of Esther, Haman wanted to completely annihilate the Jews and confiscate their goods for himself. However, God intervened and prevented Haman from carrying out his disastrous plot. Since the time of Haman, there have been multiple plots to wipe out the Jews and followers of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, God’s children were spared, but sometimes, like in the case of the Holocaust, judgment came and it was brutal and so difficult to understand.

It would be easy to continue with that line of thought and ask, “Where was God when the Holocaust happened? Where was God when all of these terrible things happened, especially to the innocent; to His children?” And perhaps it’s only natural to ask those questions, but I want to counteract what is “natural” with truth.

I know exactly why the Holocaust happened and exactly why terrible things happen, and it is not because God has chosen to turn a blind eye or because He loves to see us suffer. He did not create pain and suffering, He created all that is right and good.

The truth is that sin has multiplied exponentially, harming even the most innocent and undeserving of pain or sorrow. The blight of sin was not caused by God, but by man’s disobedience. However, the cure for sin, the way to salvation, came from God alone.

Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him, there’s no other; Jesus is the Way.

God has no obligation to intervene in the lives of His creation. We have brought so much judgment upon ourselves, because we have loved darkness, rather than light. Yet God, in His mercy, sent His only begotten Son to this cursed earth in order to bring blessing: to die for the ungodly and the haters of good. He looks upon the unclean, the dirty, and says, “Repent. Believe in Me and I will give you rest and make you clean.” It takes humility to answer that call and say, “Yes, Lord, I believe in You, please forgive me and make me clean.”

Jesus Christ is our Deliverer, Provider, and Friend. He does not take pleasure in our distresses. It is His desire that we overcome by the power of His blood. His power does not bring pain, sorrow, and anguish, but healing, truth, and peace. So, as for me, I will call on Jesus and He will deliver me. No matter the pain or sorrow, God will bring me through it all and give me joy in the morning. Amen

Published by Sarah JoAnna