Sotd: remember you - geazy I think it's been a couple months since I last talked about my sheer inability to text anyone so let's get back into it because content is king and right now I'm a lowly serf. So back when I was 10 or so I used to be well into texting, dropping a hunnid or so a day just typing the most random shit. Even when conversations really shouldn't have been continued on I would just burn it to the ground. When you have to create acronyms like "wug2bu2" for what are you going to be up to you know you've reached some level of depravity that is just so rare among the civilized west. I think somewhere during that time I gained some self awareness as to how weird this whole thing was, either that or people stooped replying but for the sake of my pride I'll pretend I realised I was being weird. This was probably four years ago, and I think I just realized that it was pointless, the conversations never went anywhere. The people I texted I would never actually talk to in real life and it was just some verbal slops, nothing really happened. So I stopped, pretty much cold Turkey, I just stopped texting. I think at that time it was an active choice to just not reply, I thought it was funny and made me seem cool which just shows how deluded I was. Now it's kinda evolved, I don't intentionally not reply. It's just this weird thing where I can't be bothered, I see the notification, swipe it away and promise I'll answer later and then 4 hours later remember it, then realise it's too late to reply so just not bother. Even when the conversation is poppin in the dms I just can't. I decide to just go back to whatever else I'm doing and let it time out. I just can't physically do it. Does this need fixing? Probably because I accidently pied my driving instructor for a day and my boss had to call me to arrange my work. But I dunno I kinda like being free from the shackles of texting, I'll do it when I need to but not as this weird auxillary conversation as I did when I was younger.

Published by Kevin Li