Lately I've been so uninspired to do anything. Does that happen to you? Having so much to do yet not feeling like doing anything? I always get like this when I'm overwhelmed and boy am I overwhelmed right now. In case you didn't know, I'm a senior engineering student and I literally have a project in every course and that's not counting the main gradation project. So yeah, 'overwhelmed' is understating things a tad. And anxiety, that lovely thing, really isn't making things any easier. Every day my heart feels like it'll puke itself and the tingles of a panic attack wrap their icy fingers around my chest. However, I noticed a significant difference once I started using organization apps. On my computer I use Trello (for writing checklists) and Evernote (for writing notes) as well as google calendar (so I can have a quick look on what I need to get done during that week or month). I also use SolCalendar on my phone as I love that I can organize certain event categories by color and can sync google calendar there as well.

Hope these will help you!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid anything to promote these apps. I just thought to share what has helped me stay sane during these busy weeks.

Published by Jinan H