Another month has come and passed! I’ve noticed oftentimes I’ll blow through products all at once in waves of either skincare or makeup. This month has been mostly the former, so I foresee August being a heavily makeup-used month. These are the beauty products I finished in the month of July:


Tony Moly 3 Step Strawberry Nose Pack: The best pore strip on the market, in my opinion. There are three separate strips to use consecutively, so the overall duration of this product’s use is about 45 minutes. I recommend using this at night before bed, or in the morning since it does take a while to use. However, the end result is seamless.

Tony Moly Makgeolli I’m Real Face Mask: I’ve used the entire line of Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks, and this is my favorite. A review of the entire line can be found on my blog here.


Redken Beach Envy Volume: No no no. This travel-size product was bad enough to let me know skipping the full-size version is the way to go. Even using a few spritzes left my hair extremely crunchy and stiff. Who wants that?

Origins Zero Oil Toner: Typically I love Origins skincare products, but this toner was a letdown. One of the main ingredients is alcohol, and the scent reflects this. My skin didn’t appear to benefit from this product, and I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye: This eye cream was pretty good, not bad but not stellar. It’s a very lightweight formula which I enjoyed, so it sinks into the skin well. After applying, the eye region looks illuminated. However, I didn’t think this had any long-term benefits regarding elasticity of the eye area, dark circles, etc.


Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm: This product had very inconsistent results on my lips. Applying once in the morning or at night, my lips were nourished. However, if used multiple times throughout the day, this actually made my lips feel more chapped than if I had used a different product. I’ve used the Smith’s Rosebud Salve before and enjoyed it, but this formulation was a bit wonky.

Tony Moly Banana Lip Balm: Banana scented, and adorable packaging. The product itself worked quite well, but the packaging isn’t quite ergonomically optimum. Once you’ve used the balm for a while and the product is at the bottom of the tube, it’s pretty difficult to get it out of the packaging.


Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser: This is a fantastic cleanser and makeup remover. It’s ideal for traveling, since it removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof mascara!) and cleanses skin at the same time. I’ve used this product for years, and decided it was time to retire this specific bottle from my travel bag.

Tony Moly Tightening Cooling Pack Egg Pore: This product didn’t do much for my skin. The concept is for the mask to go on and clear out the pores, as well as minimize the appearance. As it is, my pores still look big enough for you to fall into, and I didn’t find it to do much for my skin. Cheers.

Lash Food Lash Primer: This was a great eyelash primer! Not clumpy, very lengthening. I purchased a Lash Food duo pack of lash serum and lash primer, so this isn’t the full size. I would be interested in seeing if there is a full sized version of this primer, though!

xx Sarah

Published by Sarah Polech