June Results!

Hey! sorry about the late post, it’s already the 5th of July. I was supposed to write this a couple of days ago but I procrastinated a bit and then I worked 13 hours today. So, this post here is an update on how my month of June went. I will say I am quite satisfied with my results, there is a few areas I could improve on, but all in all I’m happy. The areas I feel like I can improve on would have to be to get the last bit of emotional trading out of my regime. Sometimes this is very hard for me to avoid, but in time I can overcome this. My mindset is definitely improving though I will say. There’s times when I can feel myself getting emotional over a setup and wanting to just jump in right away. Then I can also see myself having a conversation in my head about whether or not I’m rushing into this and if I have really weighed out the confluence factors. In the past I would find 1 or 2 factors and think “this is it” and commit to it before i even looked at other charts or indicators to really find out the direction. There’s always something to work on in trading lol.

Moving on to my results, check it out!Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.49.41 PM

+7.54% for the month. Right on par with May. Very pleased with this as I am always trying to target anywhere from 5-10% per month. Looking at the trade count, I’m satisfied with this as well. I remember hearing people say all the time, “more trades doesn’t equal more money” and I always thought they were wrong. Now I’m beginning to realize the truth behind this. Taking a look at April you can see I took 26 trades and only finished +2.22%. I was over trading for sure. This is not always the case as it might work for some people. Depending on your strategy, your results may vary.

So at the time of this writing it’s July 4th. Happy Memorial Day to everyone in America! Keep your eyes focused on your future as we enter the month of July. My thoughts at the start of each month are always the fact that trading is a marathon and not a race. With that being said, I should be back tomorrow with a post about my recent trades. I’m currently in two positions right now (both in profit). Bye for now!

Happy Trading!

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. These are trades I have taken and by the time you read this will have already come and gone. These are not signals and this is not a signal service. Trade at your own risk!

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