What are my favourite's from last month? I could of picked a lot more than I have picked but I really wanted to short list these few products!

First up has to be the ultimate favourite of all foundations so far. The Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation is the most amazing foundation I have tried so far. It feels really lightweight but also gives you that full coverage with a natural dewy finish. You get such a beautiful and flawless finish with this foundation, you would not regret buying it. You only need to use a small amount which you can use with a flat foundation brush first to spread out evenly and then use a flat headed buffing brush on the bottom half of your face in circular motions and when you move towards the cheeks and below the eyes use a slight dabbing motion with the same brush! Flawless complexion? Here we come! 

The Illamasqua Matte Veil is just a holy grail face primer that every makeup lover has to have in their kit! It has this rich smell of vanilla. Don't worry it isn't sickening. So this is great for oily skin as it stops your natural oils showing through. So you can easily wear a dewy finish foundation without looking like a shiny piece of metal during the day but instead looking exactly how your foundation wants you to look. It helps increase and improve your skins hydration levels. If you have dry skin, the Illamasqua Hydra Veil will be the better option but just as good!

The Benefit Brow Launch, just WOW. What an amazing bunch of new products. My favourite so far has to be the Kabrow which is a 24 hour wear creme gel which glides on super easy and gives you that amazing defined brow. My second favourite would have to be the Precisely, My Brow Pencil which is a super fine pointed pencil which gives you so much control and precision it is unreal. You can create a brow which is soft in colour but defined in shape with this product. You can even mimic the appearance of hair! Amazing right? I could talk about this brow launch forever as there are numerous products to review, so watch out for the next post to see my thoughts on them all! 

Last but not least! The Avon Prime & Set Spray is a fantastic and cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I was seriously impressed with the way it set my makeup and stayed on all day for such a small price tag! A tip for using this product though, make sure you do hold it far from the face when you spritz yourself as otherwise it can make you very wet! This is something my kit will not be without any longer. 

You have got to try these products out, you shall not be disappointed and that is my promise! 

Love, Jaz ♡ 

Published by Jaz Kainth