There are days when you are forced out of bed by the sunlight burning your face, push yourself to get ready to do your chores, and trundle around to get about your regular activities, look up at the sky for the darkness to surround you, get back to that bed you woke up in dreading the sun that will visit you in a few hours…

And then, there are some days, you wake up on a cold morning hours before day break; move your butt out of the comfortable hotel, to get to the bus stand for the coveted ticket; preparing yourself for a ten hour drive on precarious roads with such scintillating beauty that you cant help but wonder why would beauty always accompany danger; only to get off the bus less than 6 hours into the drive in a tiny village not in your initial itinerary; with someone you have met less than a couple of hours ago, in the bus, and…. you end up hiking up a small hillock for an awe-inspiring view all around you… the Zanskar standing guard on one side, Nako nestled in its lap, the Spiti flowing with its gurgling waters way down below, an Malling (i think!) in the distance, a mere sprinkling of brick and mud….

With a population of barely 500 people, Nako located deep in the Himalayas in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the picturesque villages along the NH22. Its claim to fame is a lake of the same name, and a 11th Century Monastery (Source : Wikipedia)

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Published by Sudersan Srinivasan