Just take a moment to breathe, Stop what you’re doing and breathe. look around you and enjoy every bit of your day. In our fast past lives we forget the most simplistic task and that is to breathe. It has become such an ordeal Apple has developed an app to tell you to breathe. Life is fleeting, you’re never going to out run life. so slow your roll. Remember that the things that stress and bother you today won’t be there in a year or 2 months. Nothing is in your control, so the best thing to do is breathe. Enjoy everyday as if it were your last. Do not stress over life and the what ifs. That only takes away from the joys life has to offer. Have you noticed how beautiful the tress look when they sway. Have you ever watched the clouds roll by or seen the way lightning dances in the sky. Life is about the moments and what you do in those moments. So take a moment and breathe.

Published by Branden Ho