Many motorists are driving around completely unaware of their vehicle’s history. This can be incredibly dangerous, as many automobiles are harbouring a hidden past that can be revealed further down the line and cause all kinds of problems. When shopping for a used car, it can be easy to look over the vehicle and take it for a test drive, but it is impossible to know a car’s history by eyeballing it.

History Checks

It is for this reason that it is essential that you get a vehicle history check carried out before making a purchase. These history checks can uncover hidden secrets that the seller could be concealing or perhaps not even know about themselves. With this information, it enables motorists to make an intelligent decision as to whether or not they should buy the car.

Unfortunately, many motorists do not get a vehicle history check carried out only to find that the vehicle has a dark past. In fact, Cap HPI find that 1 in 3 cars that they check have some kind of secret. Whilst sometimes this secret will not be too much of an issue, there are times that it can be very costly.

Potential Secrets

These checks use data from important bodies such as the police, DVLA, finance companies, insurance companies and more and this can reveal important information such as whether it is recorded as stolen, if it has outstanding finance, if it has been previously written off, number plate changes and much more. If the car is found to have one of the above issues, you could lose the car and be seriously out of pocket. Essentially, these checks are a great weapon against used car scams and can provide peace of mind.


MOT History

These checks can also reveal the MOT history of the vehicle. This is important because it indicates if the automobile has been well looked after by previous owners and if there are any recurring issues. Always be wary of a vehicle that has failed multiple MOTs, has a lot of advisory notes or has a problem that keeps appearing.


Checking a car’s history before making a purchase is important for every car buyer. This will help you to sidestep used car scams, ensure that it is safe and roadworthy and also indicate whether or not it will be costly down the line. With 1 in 3 cars having some kind of hidden past, these checks are an essential step in the car buying process.

Published by Alex Hales