This is one for girls and guys alike. For the ones who wrack their brains trying to figure out the next step, their love lives, how they’re going to pass this week’s exam over twice the content for a condensed summer class. For all the worry-warts and one’s whose brains are too curious for their own good…

I have one word for you:




If you’re anything like me, you worry yourself until you’re sick… Literally. For what reasons, though? Honestly, I worry about things that are mostly, if not completely, out of my control and I’m here to stop you from doing the same. If you wanna wear that black dress with the back cut out to the bar, then girl, rock it. If you wanna ask the girl out that sits next to you in your unbearable summer Bio course, then dude, do it.


Life is way too short, so my best advice to you is to take the chances you want to take and don’t regret an ounce of it. If you’re feeling messy and full of anxiety and feel like you’re a dog chasing its tail in circle after circle, it’s OK. If there’s one thing that I’m learning, it’s that life really does go by too fast. Our parents weren’t kidding, okay? And I’m learning that I am quickly approaching the rest of my life and I am totally not ready for that. But like I said, it’s okay! The rest of our lives should be kind of terrifying, but remember you’re exactly where you need to be and doing what you’re destined to be doing; if it doesn’t make sense now, trust that it will in the end.


Sure, I’ve made decisions that I regret and some that have come back to bite me… Thanks karma… But, lately, I’ve been realizing that if I had not made the choices that I did when I made them, I would not be sharing the love with my best friend that I do or well on my way to pursuing a career I love whole-heartedly. Growing up is scary, responsibility is scary, but I promise it’s nothing that any one of us could not handle. I have a tough time taking my own advice, AKA relaxing, so I have to always remember that I was plopped down in this little space of life for a reason and that I have to just keep swimming.


Cue every thought about Finding Nemo and Dory….. now.


Everyone has a story to tell and their own battles to fight and sometimes we get lost on our way, so that’s why I find it so important to surround myself with like-minded people and to forget the ones that are too negative for their own good. With all the hatred and turmoil surrounding the world at this very moment, I find it important to keep peace and love in my life so that I can do the same for others seeking the same comfort.


So, today, if your hair is messy or you can’t find the new shirt you just bought yesterday- embrace it. It’s your life, so live it the way you want to and accept the imperfections that will stick with you throughout life because those are exactly the things that make you perfect. Grow in love and community and remember to not let looming negative thoughts take over your temple- your mind, body, and soul are too valuable to be stripped away by a world that wants to shape you into everything you cannot stand about it.


You’re loved, you’re capable, and you’re in your little space of life for a reason. So when the going gets tough and you think you just can’t stand up one more time after getting knocked down….


 Take a deep breath, stand up, and just keep swimming.




Published by Mary Van Namee